October Vox Populi

What is the most important issue for you in 2024?

E. D. Parish — To me, the most important issue of 2024 is reigning in hawkish foreign policy. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, ceasing to occupy Syria, ceasing to bomb Somalia, ceasing to fund the genocide in Yemen, and, of course, negotiating a peace deal with Russia. Of course, I think that drawing back American adventurism abroad is good for its own sake, but I also think that pursuing such policy proposals demonstrates that a candidate is not beholden to entrenched interests and Washington—in short, at the moment, it seems that one’s perspective on foreign policy is the clearest indicator of whether a politician is a maverick or a shill.

Grant — There’s a joke my grandpa, a retired pastor, likes to tell: A man dies and goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates he sees a never ending wall of clocks. The man asks St. Peter, “What are those clocks for?” St. Peter responds, “Those clocks track how many lies each person tells throughout their life. The hands only move when that person tells a lie.” “Wow,” says the man, “where’s Abe Lincoln’s clock?” St. Peter points to Lincoln’s clock, showing it has only moved twice. “How about Einstein?” St. Peter points to Einstein’s clock — it’s moved only seven times. “Where’s Trump’s and Biden’s?” St. Peter answers, “Oh, they are in Jesus’ house. He uses both of them as fans.” 

Since Watergate, Americans have adopted the cynical position that all politicians are corrupt liars at heart and are only in it for personal gain and ego stroking. Looking at the likely party nominees for 2024, I cannot say that I don’t share that sentiment. Trump and Biden have partially built their careers on their bullshitting talents, taking them all the way up to 1600 Penn. Avenue. However, while their affinity for fibbing may be extremely entertaining during their campaigns, it’s a different story when a person who I wouldn’t trust to deliver a McDonalds Doordash order without stealing a few fries has access to the nuclear codes. America is too good of a country for its voters to be in the position where they have to decipher truth from fact from their leaders’ mouths on a daily basis. In 2024, it’s well past time we expect candidates to give it to us straight – the truth and nothing less. 

Jason — It feels to me like yet another presidential election heavily influenced by Donald Trump. Will Republicans nominate someone who wants to pardon Trump despite all the damning examples of his criminality? Or might Trump himself win the nomination and presidency again (even if he’s in jail), leading to an attempt to pardon himself? Either case would be bad for our nation. Lots of Republicans need to finally admit that the election wasn’t stolen, and that entertaining Trump will only lead to more damage and division. This primary is the chance to leave the man behind.

Serah— While there are two or three issues that are always vital to me, lately the protection of 2nd Amendment rights has been at the top of my list.  With everything that has happened on campus in the past few weeks, I feel the tension and hurt in those around me and in myself.  Something should be done, but that something should not be a further infringement on 2nd Amendment rights.  More laws imposing gun control or gun bans are not the answer, and I will support candidates in 2024 who are vocal in opposing those bans.  

Stephen—A vast and innumerable amount of issues face our nation but I believe they all stem from one particular place. The death of God and loss of religion in the west. Ever since the Victorian era, religion has been on a steep decline in the west and many of our problems today come from this. People have replaced God with anything they can find, be it identity, climate, government, etc. The spiritual impulse has gone unsated for far too long and it is having drastic consequences on the way we interact with one another, carry ourselves in society, and choose to govern/institute morality. The death of God in the west has only spelt decay for the very society which was born by Him. Reconnecting with Him is the best path towards fixing our problems.

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