The Case For Andrew Powell

Hello Tar Heels, As most are probably aware, Emilio Vicente’s platform writer recently came out against his former candidate in what many Emilio supporters see as a stab in the back.  Fortunately, that whole incident is really irrelevant as to why Emilio is not the ideal candidate for SBP and why Andrew Powell is theContinue reading “The Case For Andrew Powell”

Interview with SBP Candidate Emilio Vicente

Last week, the Carolina Review had the privilege to sit down with Emilio Vicente, a candidate for Student Body President.  During the interview, we had the chance to hear from him about his campaign, his goals, and why he loves Carolina. (Disclaimer: This interview has been lightly edited for brevity.) 1. Why are you runningContinue reading “Interview with SBP Candidate Emilio Vicente”

Interview with SBP Candidate Nikita Shamdasani

Nikita Shamdasani is a Political Science Major and Business Minor running for Student Body President.  CRDaily got the chance to sit down with her this week to speak about her campaign, her goals, and why she loves this University. (This Interview has been lightly edited). 1. Why are you running for Student Body President? “So,Continue reading “Interview with SBP Candidate Nikita Shamdasani”

Official SBP Candidates

The grace period in order to get signatures in for SBP has officially passed. Out of the 5 declared candidates, only 4 reached the 1250 signature threshold, and will officially be on the ballot this year. The four candidates and their total signatures are: Andrew Powell -1283 signatures Emilio Vicente – 1932 signatures Nikita Shamdasani-Continue reading “Official SBP Candidates”

Out of Touch SBP? Sounds Right to me!

Elizabeth Merritt I’m editor for CRDaily. I don’t speak for anyone on this campus except for myself. I am an average student. What if I were Student Body President?As SBP I would represent the student body (Section 3 Park H). If I wrote an editorial and signed it with my title as SBP, I wouldContinue reading “Out of Touch SBP? Sounds Right to me!”