Student fees: Where do They Go?

How much of your student fees went to finance the Vagina Monolouges? $840.00 How much of your student fees were spent on GBLST’s Fall Drag Show which included performances by the Cuntry Kings (you women, and any decent man, should be roayally ticked at the nerve of GBLST for hiring a troup of that name!)?Continue reading “Student fees: Where do They Go?”

“Sex is Cool”

  “Sex is cool”  is literally the official stance of UNC (click here if you don’t believe me).  UNC makes no bones about it’s opinion when it comes to fornication as proven by Campus Health Services.  Health Services puts on events around campus that involve “improv[ing] your sexual IQ!” and “condom demonstrations and relays, trivia, andContinue reading ““Sex is Cool””