Does Student Government Matter?

This Thursday, the Tea Talks conversation series will be hosting a conversation on the topic, “What Can Student Government Do?” As an inside-the-beltway, student government insider, I feel uniquely qualified to pontificate on this topic, so I will. I’m also intrigued by the topic, because it sounds so much like something out of a ParksContinue reading “Does Student Government Matter?”


With regard to my last post, I had a nice chat with Jared Simmons, Chair of the Finance Committee, who clarified some of the issues reported in the Daily Tar Heel article. His comments regarding the increased scrutiny of Psalm 100’s funds were actually referring to the funds already allotted to and held by Psalm 100 and theContinue reading “Clarification”

ASG Takes a Very Important, Useless Trip to DC

A headline buried within the pages of today’s Daily Tar Heel caught my eye, “ASG President Visits Washington, Says Little.” The first aspect of this little adventure that I’d like to visit concerns who exactly the ASG President, Atul Bhula, and his cohort were visiting. They were visiting the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee, whichContinue reading “ASG Takes a Very Important, Useless Trip to DC”

Stop Student Fee Increases in 2009

This past week, student congress has failed to pass a measure increasing student fees by $10.37 per student in order to provide child care services to students that are in need of such services. In response, student body president J.J. Raynor has begun collecting signatures to make an end run around student congress and holdContinue reading “Stop Student Fee Increases in 2009”