ID Requirements: The Ultimate Hypocrisy of the Left, on and off Campus

For the past few months, we have heard about how the Obama administration, under the direction of US Attorney Eric Holder, who has been held in contempt by Congress, is suing North Carolina for the new voter ID law that passed and was signed by Governor Pat McCrory. This lawsuit is not only frivolous, butContinue reading “ID Requirements: The Ultimate Hypocrisy of the Left, on and off Campus”

Student Congress Goes After UNC College Republicans

Chapel Hill- In a seemingly shocking move, the UNC Student Congress voted to cut the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill College Republican’s budget from last year by 75% in one fell swoop. On Tuesday August 27, 2013, the UNC College Republicans appeared in front of the Student Congress Finance Committee to request anContinue reading “Student Congress Goes After UNC College Republicans”

Does Student Government Matter?

This Thursday, the Tea Talks conversation series will be hosting a conversation on the topic, “What Can Student Government Do?” As an inside-the-beltway, student government insider, I feel uniquely qualified to pontificate on this topic, so I will. I’m also intrigued by the topic, because it sounds so much like something out of a ParksContinue reading “Does Student Government Matter?”


The Daily Tar Heel is reporting that the Board of Elections may consider “re-doing” the Student Body President race because of some problems with the voting software. There are several things to consider here. The first is the Student Code. In Title I, Chapter 9, Section 902 (10), under the heading of “Responsibilities,” it states,Continue reading “Mulligan!”

Young Democrats Request $14,000 for Naomi Wolf… Wait, Who the Hell is Naomi Wolf?

“Hypocrisy,” says Merriam-Webster is,”a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not.” Nothing could describe the UNC Young Democrats’ recent actions more aptly. About a month ago, the UNC College Republicans submitted a funding request to the Finance Committee of Student Congress for a $20,000 grant to provide anContinue reading “Young Democrats Request $14,000 for Naomi Wolf… Wait, Who the Hell is Naomi Wolf?”