The Philosophical Inconsistenty of Race-Baiting Liberals

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Utah Representative Mia Love, and retired pediatric neurosurgeon and GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson – what do these three established individuals have in common? Well, they’re all black conservatives. They’ve also been labeled “tokens” and “Uncle Toms” by a vast array of liberals and progressives who refuse to recant theContinue reading “The Philosophical Inconsistenty of Race-Baiting Liberals”

Ferguson, Gardner, and the Convenient Narrative

When thinking about the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner, there is a particularly important statistic to remember in the face of Al Sharpton and his exercise of theatrics, traipsing around the hotbeds of civil conflict like some rebellious figurehead: Something like ninety-three percent of the black murders that occur in the United StatesContinue reading “Ferguson, Gardner, and the Convenient Narrative”

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel (of Oppression)?

*You can find most of this year’s Tunnel in the video above. However, due to a technical issue, the last scene of the Tunnel is not included. There are few bonds on campus that run longer and deeper than my bond with the Tunnel of Oppression. Having proudly participated all three years that it’s beenContinue reading “Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel (of Oppression)?”

The Tunnel of Oppression (or Why White People Suck)

You can find a video of my journey through the Tunnel via TuDou (which, unlike YouTube, allows me to upload the video as one file). Tuesday marked the second time that I have ever been meaningfully oppressed (my first such experience was, of course, last year’s Tunnel of Oppression). There were some slight differences inContinue reading “The Tunnel of Oppression (or Why White People Suck)”

The Tunnel Of Oppression: A Review

Last night, I experienced oppression. Being a white, American, Catholic, middle-class, privileged, heterosexual, conservative male, I had never before been able to experience oppression first-hand. Luckily, the RHA and a number of other groups decided to host a Tunnel of Oppression for people such as myself, so that we could “engage … in an immersiveContinue reading “The Tunnel Of Oppression: A Review”

An Island by any Other Name…

Last week, the Rhode Island House of Representatives voted 70-3 in favor of holding a referendum to change the state’s name. Since it was chartered in 1663, the state has been known as “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” In 1636, Roger Williams was banished from Massachusetts and founded a settlement which he named Providence Plantations.Continue reading “An Island by any Other Name…”