A Few Political Thoughts …

As frustrating as it is to try to think politically, here are a few things to consider with regard to the passage of the Keystone-Pipeline Bill in Congress: For a Republican Party that has allowed itself to be characterized by the media as excessively callous toward public opinion, it is a laudable accomplishment. Not onlyContinue reading “A Few Political Thoughts …”

Does Politics Really Matter?

It always seems to be around the holidays that my mind wanders to a particularly perplexing question – perplexing, at least, to someone who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to studying and joining the political process: That is, to what extent, in the grand scheme of things, does politics actually matter? ThoseContinue reading “Does Politics Really Matter?”

Why Liberals Win

Any seasoned conservative worth his or her salt – that is, any conservative that has, in some manner or another, been voluntarily immersed in the world of political argumentation – knows the difficulty of defending limited government against liberal affect. No matter how well one seems to know the topics at hand, repelling emotive assaultsContinue reading “Why Liberals Win”

NC Dems Look to Solve Financial Woes with… Alchemy?

As reported by WRAL today, the North Carolina Democratic Party is in extreme trouble financially as their executive board, still reeling from the sex scandal under previous Chair David Parker, is still infighting. Today, fist vice-chairwoman Nina Szlosberg-Landis resigned from office citing personal differences and alleged bullying from the new state Chairman Randy Voller. TheContinue reading “NC Dems Look to Solve Financial Woes with… Alchemy?”

YOUR Party…MY Party…

Some time ago, Sports Illustrated sportswriter Rick Reilly wrote a brilliant column called “Your Team, My Team” where he offered a humorous take on sports rivalries. He offered such statements as “Your team sucks. My team is in the first year of its annual five-year rebuilding program”, “Your superstar is a selfish narcissist, my superstarContinue reading “YOUR Party…MY Party…”