GOP Stands Up to Mob Rule in Madison

If nothing else, the on-going situation in Wisconsin demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Left. A little more than a month ago in the wake of the Tucson shootings, we were lectured by everyone from the President on down about the need for civility in political discourse. Yet, for the past few days, mobs of angryContinue reading “GOP Stands Up to Mob Rule in Madison”

Victory is Sweet

I woke up this morning, and for some reason the air seemed fresher, the grass greener, the color of the falling leaves more vivid. Lenoir was even serving meatball subs today. And I asked myself, what could possibly make this day even better? And then I remembered the historic victories secured by the Republicans lastContinue reading “Victory is Sweet”

Fraud, Fraud Everywhere

For weeks, pollsters, talking heads, and even the people at Fox News have wondered what the Democrats will do to overcome the “enthusiasm gap.” It seems like the Democrats’ strategy of choice is nothing more than good, old-fashioned voter fraud. From Pennsylvania, to Nevada, even to our own fine state (and who can forget the unionsContinue reading “Fraud, Fraud Everywhere”

Growth is Good for the Poor– Right?

My good friend Thomas Ginn*, a senior economics major and accomplished anti-poverty crusader, recently lent me his copy of The Bottom Billion by Oxford professor Paul Collier. It is a fascinating read and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in foreign aid, economic development, econometric tools, or helping poor people in general. Anyway,Continue reading “Growth is Good for the Poor– Right?”

Health Care: It’s not Socialism, It’s Corporatism

Well, it’s all but signed now. Health Care has cleared the House of Representatives. Now, it goes to Obama’s desk. Now, we’ll see how the long-term effects play out. The bill requires virtually everyone in the United States to purchase health insurance. It contains financial aid to help people purchase insurance, but no “public option”Continue reading “Health Care: It’s not Socialism, It’s Corporatism”