The Philosophical Inconsistenty of Race-Baiting Liberals

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Utah Representative Mia Love, and retired pediatric neurosurgeon and GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson – what do these three established individuals have in common? Well, they’re all black conservatives. They’ve also been labeled “tokens” and “Uncle Toms” by a vast array of liberals and progressives who refuse to recant theContinue reading “The Philosophical Inconsistenty of Race-Baiting Liberals”

The Irony of “Liberal”

In a lecture he gave to the Kansas City Public Library, Kevin Williamson, a writer for National Review magazine, alluded to a stark and pernicious element that underlies modern political rhetoric, emphasizing the importance of “call[ing] politics by its true name” – not only so that we can have sensible public discourse about public policyContinue reading “The Irony of “Liberal””

Obama’s HUDdle on Campus

If you aren’t aware, Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan, graced our fair campus with his presence this afternoon. According to UNC’s Office of Federal Affairs (did anyone know we even had one of those?), the purpose of the visit was “to provide an opportunity for Carolina stakeholders to engage a member of theContinue reading “Obama’s HUDdle on Campus”

My Solution For “Irresponsible” Rhetoric

This whole attempt by the Left to pin the Arizona shooting on Sarah Palin really doesn’t surprise me. Given their outright hatred of her, I suppose it was only a matter of time before they tried to accuse her murder (special shout-out to Paul Krugman). However, Rush Limbaugh also appears to have been involved. AccordingContinue reading “My Solution For “Irresponsible” Rhetoric”

Fraud, Fraud Everywhere

For weeks, pollsters, talking heads, and even the people at Fox News have wondered what the Democrats will do to overcome the “enthusiasm gap.” It seems like the Democrats’ strategy of choice is nothing more than good, old-fashioned voter fraud. From Pennsylvania, to Nevada, even to our own fine state (and who can forget the unionsContinue reading “Fraud, Fraud Everywhere”

The Tunnel Of Oppression: A Review

Last night, I experienced oppression. Being a white, American, Catholic, middle-class, privileged, heterosexual, conservative male, I had never before been able to experience oppression first-hand. Luckily, the RHA and a number of other groups decided to host a Tunnel of Oppression for people such as myself, so that we could “engage … in an immersiveContinue reading “The Tunnel Of Oppression: A Review”