It’s Not Easy Being Green, Especially with the Facts Against You

Drive a hybrid. Coal is bad. Recycle. How often have we been told these things that we must do in order to save Mother Earth? Environmentalists seem to want Americans to realize we are all going to die unless we drastically change our ways, and they are willing to get their way across by anyContinue reading “It’s Not Easy Being Green, Especially with the Facts Against You”

Obama’s HUDdle on Campus

If you aren’t aware, Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan, graced our fair campus with his presence this afternoon. According to UNC’s Office of Federal Affairs (did anyone know we even had one of those?), the purpose of the visit was “to provide an opportunity for Carolina stakeholders to engage a member of theContinue reading “Obama’s HUDdle on Campus”

Why the Global Warming Crowd Is Insane

I’ve always believed the the global warming crowd was a little out there. With their frequent predictions of global catastrophe that never seem to materialize, they seemed little more than modern re-incarnations of Chicken Little. The scandal involving East Anglia University’s efforts to cook the books only confirmed my observations. People like Al Gore andContinue reading “Why the Global Warming Crowd Is Insane”

The Coming Eco-pocalypse

If you missed Christopher Horner’s speech in Howell Hall last week, allow me to inform you that global warming, as a political issue, is dying. The poor economy is taking the focus off of the environment, the world has been in a cooling trend for about the last decade, and a series of emails wereContinue reading “The Coming Eco-pocalypse”