Knife Wielding Suspect Caught on Campus

BREAKING: Today, at UNC Chapel Hill, at approximately 4 P.M. an argument broke out in the student union resulting in a knife being drawn and campus going to lockdown. Several students witnessed the ensuing fight and agreed to speak to the Carolina Review. The argument began in front of the popular union restaurant the AlpineContinue reading “Knife Wielding Suspect Caught on Campus”

NCDP Battle Lines Drawn: Voller Loses

As reported earlier last month, the battle lines for Executive Director for the North Carolina Democratic Party were drawn. The fight made statewide news as Chairman Voller called the State Executive Committee “latent racists’ and had a very harsh words for some of his democratic colleagues. The battle took some interesting turns. According to CashContinue reading “NCDP Battle Lines Drawn: Voller Loses”

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Voller: Unleashed

On February 17, Chairman of the NC Democratic Party joined host Bram Sarkowski on his online blog show (63:27), “The Social Spitball,” and went on what amounts to a tirade against some of his party members. As the conversation began, Voller talks of his time spent “advocating pardon for the Wilmington Ten,” which were convictedContinue reading “North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Voller: Unleashed”

UNC Exec Branch Seeks Petition Ending Housing Ordinance

BREAKING: Several sources have indicated that the UNC Exec Branch will be starting a petition, that will go live tonight at 9 P.M. focusing on the occupancy ordinance in Chapel Hill. The ordinance states that no house should have more than four unrelated students. Controversy has surrounded this issue for quiet some time. One sourceContinue reading “UNC Exec Branch Seeks Petition Ending Housing Ordinance”

The Gay Conservative Agenda

“Let me warn you! There is a gay conservative agenda. It goes like this: we want free markets, smaller government, the repeal of Obamacare, and we want to win. We want to win just like every other conservative out there.” This was the opening to a lecture given by Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director ofContinue reading “The Gay Conservative Agenda”