Knife Wielding Suspect Caught on Campus


BREAKING: Today, at UNC Chapel Hill, at approximately 4 P.M. an argument broke out in the student union resulting in a knife being drawn and campus going to lockdown. Several students witnessed the ensuing fight and agreed to speak to the Carolina Review.

The argument began in front of the popular union restaurant the Alpine Bagel, according to Chris Donaldson and Ryan Graves:

“We were studying in the middle of the union. The big guy was waiting in line to pay for his food when the guy with the multicolor aviators, olive jacket, hat, and jeans came in. The two made eye contact and without any words being said the knife guy took his glasses and jacket off and pulled out his pocketknife and switchblade. He told the innocent guy to get the (expletive) out of the building now. One girl told him to watch his language. The knife guy followed the innocent guy out of the union over to Lenoir (Dining hall) which was closed. Ryan and I chased after both of them to make sure nothing happened. We went in the doors of Lenoir and the knife guy was on the left stairs and had the innocent guys cornered on the right stairs. We told the knife guy to stay where he was and the innocent guy to come down the stairs and out the door. The knife guy told us to get the (expletive) out and pointed the switchblade at us. The innocent guy came down the stairs and we walked with him back to the union and the knife guy followed us halfway and was yelling at us and then started walking off up past Davis.”

Katherine Deagan was the girl who shouted at the suspect (via Twitter @katiedeagan)

I said to him “Watch your language bruh.” The crazy guy (suspect) told me to (expletive) off. Crazy guy proceeds to follow victim outside the union and to the bottom of Lenior dining hall. Two students (Chris and Ryan) followed after. They found the victim cornered by the stairs and the “cray” guy with a pocketknife and switch blade. The students (again Chris and Ryan) told victim to follow them (to safety). Victim and students came back to union and the came back to union, and the crazy dude walks past Davis (library).

After returning to the union, the police were called and campus officials jumped into action. Being on the third floor of the union, (Alpine is on the second), I was evacuated to the second floor about five minutes after the sound of the first siren and alert text message at 4:24 P.M. approximately ten minutes after the police were called. For a short period, all students were stationed in the second floor, the quickly moved to the bottom of the union away from windows and doors.

By around 4:35, twenty minutes after the incident, we were all at the bottom of the union. During this time, reports of officers searching the library were coming through and that the suspect was headed towards North Campus/ Franklin Street area. Student Angelica Rankin compared the police presence to a “swat team” combing the library. At 5:10 P.M the official Davis Library twitter account confirmed a police presence.

Around 5:02, reports from the Daily Tar Heel claimed that the suspect was in custody. Concurring reports ten minutes later came flowing in and at 5:12 P.M. WRAL confirmed via twitter that the suspect had been taken into custody in the area around Chapel of the Cross- an Episcopal church that adjoins campus.

The names of the suspect and victim have not been released, nor has motive been established. The all clear was issued 5:18 P.M via text and siren. No injuries were reported in this incident.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 10:30 P.M.,: An email from the office of the Chancellor states:

“I am grateful that today’s incident involving a potentially dangerous person near the Pit ended without injury and with a rapid return to a safe, secure campus. “

It goes on to say:

“Throughout the Alert Carolina siren activation, our Department of Public Safety team responded quickly and effectively. Their professionalism and emphasis on community safety was evident from the time the initial reports came in to the sirens sounding to the “all clear.” I am also proud of our partnership with the Chapel Hill police, and pleased with the timely resolution of this situation.”

NCDP Battle Lines Drawn: Voller Loses


As reported earlier last month, the battle lines for Executive Director for the North Carolina Democratic Party were drawn. The fight made statewide news as Chairman Voller called the State Executive Committee “latent racists’ and had a very harsh words for some of his democratic colleagues. The battle took some interesting turns.

According to Cash Michaels, on his blog post, the party was completely torn, and some may have been worried about Chavis’s Muslim surname. He blames Hunt “moderates “ for this spilt, saying, “But once word got out, it didn’t take long for Chavis to realize that those in the party who opposed the progressive politics of Voller were moving swiftly to block the nomination at all costs.” He also calls out the North Carolina Democratic Women saying they were “not supportive.” He goes to quote one of her members in his post :

“If you have not seen any of the articles, I suggest you Google Ben Chavis,” one DWNC   member, who admittedly got her information from biased local media reports, wrote Tuesday evening prior to the NCDP Executive Council voting on Chavis’ nomination.

“I will be honest with you,” she continued,  “ I am not inclined to support Ben Chavis for ED for two reasons:  (a) lack of ED experience and (b) his history of sexual (sic) harrassment.  That said, if a majority of you feel otherwise, that is the way I will vote.”

 Along with Michaels, Chavis had EJ Smith’s support too. EJ Smith said on a blog post in Blue NC:

“All the chatter about Ben Chavis is coming, not from the GOP, but from a certain portion of the NCDP that is frozen with fear, fear of letting the diverse members of the Democratic Party have a voice, fear of letting go of the money to be made from managing campaigns. These are the people who lost the elections beginning in 2010, and it is time they stopped chosing the leaders of the NCDP, forever.”

However, many in the party didn’t see the issue the same way. Martha Brock, again on Blue NC, posted:

“Party Chairman Randy Voller is still in denial about the baggage Dr. Ben Chavis would bring as an employee of the NC Democratic Party. A simple Google search pulls up dozens of articles that document Chavis’ simply awful track record.

This is one of the best from the time of his controversial tenure as leader of a Nation of Islam mosque in Harlem in NY City. I hope all the members of the State Party’s Executive Council will read it.”

One of the worst hits though came from Bob Geary of Indy Week. In the opening paragraph, Geary writes:

 “Enough. After a stormy year as state Democratic Party chair, Randy Voller should step down for the sake of his party’s candidates and North Carolina. I say this knowing that he won’t, because Voller sees himself as a visionary leader—but he can’t see that he’s hurting Democratic prospects for 2014.”

 With all the splits and cliques in the NCDP heading into the vote, the NCDP SEC chose Casey Mann to become the new ED for the party. WRAL-TV reported that at the meeting Voller said the party is broke and they may have to get rid pf the Goodwin House. With all the infighting in the NCDP, can Voller survive the year? And with the lack of funds, it looks like the Hagan campaign is going to have to rely on those horrible outside groups that she decries.

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Voller: Unleashed


On February 17, Chairman of the NC Democratic Party joined host Bram Sarkowski on his online blog show (63:27), “The Social Spitball,” and went on what amounts to a tirade against some of his party members.

As the conversation began, Voller talks of his time spent “advocating pardon for the Wilmington Ten,” which were convicted of arson and conspiracy and spent nearly a decade in jail. While they were convicted initially, their sentences were overturned in 1980 and, the then governor, Bev Purdue pardoned them in 2012.

As the interview continues, Voller begins to lash out at several party members. He goes into deep detail about the firing of Tammy Bruenner NCDP Executive Director, who Voller first fired when he became chair. He claims that there were “abuses of party resources, such as using LexisNexis and other forms of research against people in our own party,” he claimed, “including me.” He continued, “I kept quiet about this but seeing as what happened last week, I wanted shine the sunlight on this stuff.”

After the firing of the Executive Director, turmoil ensued. “We had to have a conference call of 600 people,” Voller stated. Citing key figures that were meeting and the “mess” that ensued, Voller claimed, “It was the reason for several of the resignations that occurred, including Micah’s.” Micah Beasley was the Communications Director, until his resignation. “When this happened,” Voller said, “ IT and communications were locked down.”

Sarkwoski then asks him about State Auditor Beth Woods, who sent an email to Voller saying she lacks confidence that her money will be spent wisely, and wants her $500 back. Voller states that, “she has every right to want her money back. It’s fine if she wakes up one day and wants her money back, but in that email to say that she lacks confidence in me is wrong.”

In the next breath, without an ounce of irony, Voller states, “I am almost done with the 2012 audit.” He also goes on to claim the NCDP, “isn’t making any money,” and is “not paying their bills. The $9,000 to Chavis was well overdue.” Maybe Wood has a point?  He goes on to blame the debt on Russ Swindell’s, former congressman Bob Etheridge’s Chief of Staff, campaign and redistricting laws. He also blames the lack of funds on weak donors. “When we lost in 2012,” he says, “We lost transactional donors and big money donors”. He claims that the mess Perdue and Easley left him with have caused donors to keep their pocketbooks closed.

The extent of the interview however, is Voller defending Chavis from attacks from his own party. “You see people like Tiffany Richardson,” former NCDP Finance Director, who resigned the same day as Beasley, “resigning and nobody’s giving Elaine Marshall grief over her resigning.” He continued to go after Elaine Marshall, the current Secretary of State, saying that they are “trying to throw punches… trying to see what sticks.” Voller continues that there is “latent racism, which causes a fear of Chavis, in the State Executive Committee (SEC).” It looks like the NCDP has found its historical roots. “We are afraid to try something unconventional,” he surmises. Yes, because nothing says unconventional, and go NC Dems., about hiring a charged domestic terrorist (Wilmington Ten), who while at the NAACP, had to resign due to sexual misconduct and the NAACP had to bay $332,400 to an employee, and be second in command to the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam under Farrakhan. To make matters worse, the co-host uses the word lynch to describe what happened to Chavis.

Despite his tirade against the entirety of the SEC, Voller sees hope in the future. “I hope that we can move past this in Greensboro. I hope we can each stand up and say, “hey this is what I did wrong.”” I guess that the irony of unity is lost upon Chairman Voller, especially after this interview. 

UNC Exec Branch Seeks Petition Ending Housing Ordinance


BREAKING: Several sources have indicated that the UNC Exec Branch will be starting a petition, that will go live tonight at 9 P.M. focusing on the occupancy ordinance in Chapel Hill. The ordinance states that no house should have more than four unrelated students. Controversy has surrounded this issue for quiet some time.

One source stated:

In an effort to repeal the occupancy rule of the town land use and management ordinance, Student Government is circulating a petition for all students, faculty,  staff, and town members to sign.

As the petition goes live later this evening, we will update this story. 

8:55 P.M. UPDATE Here is the link

The Gay Conservative Agenda


“Let me warn you! There is a gay conservative agenda. It goes like this: we want free markets, smaller government, the repeal of Obamacare, and we want to win. We want to win just like every other conservative out there.” This was the opening to a lecture given by Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a widely known group that represents the interests of gay conservatives. 


Angelo continued his remarks on discussing the foundation of the Log Cabin Republicans and its mission to get gay conservatives elected, conservative ideals represented, and the movement for marriage equality.


“Log Cabin was founded by a group of gay Republicans in 1977 in California was a response to a bill called Prop 6, similar to that of Prop 8 that went to the voters recently in California. The bill would have banned open gay teachers from teaching in schools.” He continued, “at great political risk, Ronald Reagan, who was preparing to run for president at the entered into the discussion.  The polls showed that the bill was supported 2-1 in California, but Reagan, risking the presidency, came out against the bill and claimed it to be discriminatory.” The Briggs Initiative, as it was called, “went down 2-1. Reagan made the difference.”


Angelo himself was involved in a large gay marriage fight while Chairman of the New York Log Cabin Republicans. “For the first time in history, while under Republican leadership, New York State passed marriage equality laws!” Angelo exclaimed. “We even added religious protections to protect religious liberty.” New York State has been the only state to pass a marriage equality bill while under a Republican majority. “The Democrats,” he claimed, “overreached and ended in partisan bickering.”


Angelo then laid out a case for marriage equality. “If you are for personal freedom, you should support marriage equality,” he argued, “because you should support the rights of two individuals to enter into any relationship they please. If you support religious liberty, you should also support marriage equality. The Log Cabin Republican’s goal is to make sure that all marriage laws come with religious protections so that all religions can be protected.”


Angelo stressed however, that the most important thing in the present state of things was to get conservatives elected. He also stressed the Log Cabin Republicans’ support for the repeal of Obamacare. “We are the only identifiable gay group supporting its repeal, Angelo claimed. “We know it is bad, and just like many Americans, gay Americans are losing vital coverage too.”