UNC Exec Branch Seeks Petition Ending Housing Ordinance


BREAKING: Several sources have indicated that the UNC Exec Branch will be starting a petition, that will go live tonight at 9 P.M. focusing on the occupancy ordinance in Chapel Hill. The ordinance states that no house should have more than four unrelated students. Controversy has surrounded this issue for quiet some time.

One source stated:

In an effort to repeal the occupancy rule of the town land use and management ordinance, Student Government is circulating a petition for all students, faculty,  staff, and town members to sign.

As the petition goes live later this evening, we will update this story. 

8:55 P.M. UPDATE Here is the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DxhtjG4UnIALOOMLBQHmAyyXPlHxD6FwyjQSXO5Rn3o/viewform

The Gay Conservative Agenda


“Let me warn you! There is a gay conservative agenda. It goes like this: we want free markets, smaller government, the repeal of Obamacare, and we want to win. We want to win just like every other conservative out there.” This was the opening to a lecture given by Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a widely known group that represents the interests of gay conservatives. 


Angelo continued his remarks on discussing the foundation of the Log Cabin Republicans and its mission to get gay conservatives elected, conservative ideals represented, and the movement for marriage equality.


“Log Cabin was founded by a group of gay Republicans in 1977 in California was a response to a bill called Prop 6, similar to that of Prop 8 that went to the voters recently in California. The bill would have banned open gay teachers from teaching in schools.” He continued, “at great political risk, Ronald Reagan, who was preparing to run for president at the entered into the discussion.  The polls showed that the bill was supported 2-1 in California, but Reagan, risking the presidency, came out against the bill and claimed it to be discriminatory.” The Briggs Initiative, as it was called, “went down 2-1. Reagan made the difference.”


Angelo himself was involved in a large gay marriage fight while Chairman of the New York Log Cabin Republicans. “For the first time in history, while under Republican leadership, New York State passed marriage equality laws!” Angelo exclaimed. “We even added religious protections to protect religious liberty.” New York State has been the only state to pass a marriage equality bill while under a Republican majority. “The Democrats,” he claimed, “overreached and ended in partisan bickering.”


Angelo then laid out a case for marriage equality. “If you are for personal freedom, you should support marriage equality,” he argued, “because you should support the rights of two individuals to enter into any relationship they please. If you support religious liberty, you should also support marriage equality. The Log Cabin Republican’s goal is to make sure that all marriage laws come with religious protections so that all religions can be protected.”


Angelo stressed however, that the most important thing in the present state of things was to get conservatives elected. He also stressed the Log Cabin Republicans’ support for the repeal of Obamacare. “We are the only identifiable gay group supporting its repeal, Angelo claimed. “We know it is bad, and just like many Americans, gay Americans are losing vital coverage too.” 

Official SBP Candidates


The grace period in order to get signatures in for SBP has officially passed. Out of the 5 declared candidates, only 4 reached the 1250 signature threshold, and will officially be on the ballot this year. The four candidates and their total signatures are:

Andrew Powell -1283 signatures

Emilio Vicente – 1932 signatures

Nikita Shamdasani-  1618 signatures

Winston Howes- 1255 signatures


According to Robert Windsor, head of the Board of Elections, Manoj Mirchandani received only 930 votes, well short of the 1250 signatures needed and will not be on this year’s ballot.

Stay tuned as the Carolina Review continues its election coverage. We be having interviews with each candidate. We wish them all good luck!  



2014 Student Body Candidates Delcarations


Here is your list of SBP Candidates:

Emilio Vicente
     -Public Policy Major
     -Wants to make the university more accessible 
     -Believes that we are a great institution and that to make it better change must come through Student Congress

Nikita Shamdasani
    -Has been involved in Student Government for past 2 years
    -Wants to create an online idea generate where students can submit ideas to improve campus

Andrew Powell
    -As a student he believes that he can make a difference
    -Discussion about cost and future of higher education are valuable and most contain student voices 
    -Focus on long term sustainability 

Winston Howes
   -3 major focuses: tech improvements (Connect Carolina 2.0), Kindergarten Lab (place for prototyping ideas; like a tech lab), and           dinner for 8 (meeting and discussing issues with students over dinner.)
   -Major focus on internet security and providing places for students to create and innovate on campus

Manoj Mirchandani
   -Left room  without interview and refused repeated requests for comment.

We wish luck to all candidates as they collect the 1250 signature necessary be placed on the ballot.

ID Requirements: The Ultimate Hypocrisy of the Left, on and off Campus


For the past few months, we have heard about how the Obama administration, under the direction of US Attorney Eric Holder, who has been held in contempt by Congress, is suing North Carolina for the new voter ID law that passed and was signed by Governor Pat McCrory. This lawsuit is not only frivolous, but reeks of hypocrisy.

For months, its opponents called many who support the bill racists, oppressors, and anti-minority. However, these ideologues need to examine their own positions on certain issues. For example, a typical argument is that the voter ID laws are inherently racist because it oppresses minorities and people in lower socio-economic classes. According to the NC-DMV, who is in charge of distributing state ID’s:

 “After January 1, 2014, you will be able to apply for a free NC ID card to be used for voting. To qualify, you will need to:

* Prove your age and identity.

* Prove your NC residency.

* Be registered to vote in North Carolina.

* Not have a valid driver license.”

This form of NC ID card will be valid for voting and for identification purposes only. You will apply using the same documents (proof of name, birth date, Social Security, and residency) as listed above.

If that is not enough, enter Obamacare. In the fine print, Obamacare requires an ID to sign up, which is pointed out by many sources, including the Washington Examiner. This means that despite the NC Dems opposition, many of the minorities they claim that conservatives hate, must attain identification either way. By North Carolina Dems own logic, the President’s health care law is racist, oppressive, and anti-minority. Will this impact by our president’s law cause a massive backlash from the liberals in North Carolina? I highly doubt it.

In addition, our very own Student Congress has repeatedly condemned the Governor and his actions, saying that the moves would be “damaging to the Carolina Community,” including moving polling places off campus, despite their 10% turnout rate. The members of Student Congress explicitly stated their anger towards the new voting requirements, and the shortening of number of days for early voting in a resolution passed earlier this year. Ironically, but not surprisingly, Student Congress voted last week to shorten its Student Body Presidential election campaign season by a week. It seems that Student Congress could do with some institutional-awareness.

The left, both on and off campus, constantly accuse conservatives across North Carolina of being racists and oppressive, yet when the ideas come from their side, it is okay. Leftism has never cared about the policy or the results; it is all about protecting their power.