UNC Exec Branch Seeks Petition Ending Housing Ordinance

BREAKING: Several sources have indicated that the UNC Exec Branch will be starting a petition, that will go live tonight at 9 P.M. focusing on the occupancy ordinance in Chapel Hill. The ordinance states that no house should have more than four unrelated students. Controversy has surrounded this issue for quiet some time. One sourceContinue reading “UNC Exec Branch Seeks Petition Ending Housing Ordinance”

The Gay Conservative Agenda

“Let me warn you! There is a gay conservative agenda. It goes like this: we want free markets, smaller government, the repeal of Obamacare, and we want to win. We want to win just like every other conservative out there.” This was the opening to a lecture given by Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director ofContinue reading “The Gay Conservative Agenda”

Official SBP Candidates

The grace period in order to get signatures in for SBP has officially passed. Out of the 5 declared candidates, only 4 reached the 1250 signature threshold, and will officially be on the ballot this year. The four candidates and their total signatures are: Andrew Powell -1283 signatures Emilio Vicente – 1932 signatures Nikita Shamdasani-Continue reading “Official SBP Candidates”

2014 Student Body Candidates Delcarations

Here is your list of SBP Candidates: Emilio Vicente     -Public Policy Major     -Wants to make the university more accessible      -Believes that we are a great institution and that to make it better change must come through Student Congress Nikita Shamdasani    -Has been involved in Student Government for past 2 years   Continue reading “2014 Student Body Candidates Delcarations”

ID Requirements: The Ultimate Hypocrisy of the Left, on and off Campus

For the past few months, we have heard about how the Obama administration, under the direction of US Attorney Eric Holder, who has been held in contempt by Congress, is suing North Carolina for the new voter ID law that passed and was signed by Governor Pat McCrory. This lawsuit is not only frivolous, butContinue reading “ID Requirements: The Ultimate Hypocrisy of the Left, on and off Campus”