How ASG Lied to You

So, you remember how about two months ago, during the referendum on ASG, everyone on the pro-side was arguing something to the effect of, “Just give us some time and, we’ll fix everything.” Turns out that wasn’t really true. Since that referendum, the organization has failed to achieve¬†quorum¬†for two of its meetings and just thisContinue reading “How ASG Lied to You”

Does Student Government Matter?

This Thursday, the Tea Talks conversation series will be hosting a conversation on the topic, “What Can Student Government Do?” As an inside-the-beltway, student government insider, I feel uniquely qualified to pontificate on this topic, so I will. I’m also intrigued by the topic, because it sounds so much like something out of a ParksContinue reading “Does Student Government Matter?”

Tuition, the BOG, and ASG

One of the advantages of graduating in May is that I will no longer have to deal with the annual tuition hike circus. Consider the goings-on at the most recent UNC Board of Governors meeting. You have a bunch of adults sitting around a table considering increasing next year’s tuition by 13.5%. And why? BecauseContinue reading “Tuition, the BOG, and ASG”

RE: But We Need to Be in the ASG!

This story gets a whole lot more interesting when you consider that Atul Bhula, the current president of ASG, is a student at Appalachian State. I was kind of surprised that the DTH article didn’t really comment on this glaring conflict of interest. That Mr. Bhula would even consider lifting the cap on size ofContinue reading “RE: But We Need to Be in the ASG!”