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6 thoughts on “Masthead

  1. Dante Smith Reply

    Hello CRDaily –

    I really loved your latest post on “Guest Writer Rachel Higgins on Funding Opportunities for College”. I have gone ahead and added “CRDaily” to my Flipbaord. Keep writing awesome stuff, and I will keep reading it.

    Thanks again,

    Dante Smith

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  3. Lisa Rudisill Reply

    An alumna in the Honors Program at UNC Chapel Hill, I am now approaching retirement and have spent the last 15 years learning about the history of my family who came to North Carolina in the 1740’s. How eye-opening this has been! It has led me to write two books (trying to complete a third) on information I’ve gleaned from my research. I was there when they toppled the “Boy Soldier” (Silent Sam) monument and was horrified at the mob action, nauseated by the blind destruction of history by such bright youth of our state, disappointed that they have been so liberally-taught a one-sided version of vital history of our state, and angered by those who shouted insults at me who don’t know me at all. I am so glad to find there is a conservative element at Carolina! Thank you!!

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