Tar Heel Baseball: A Safe Space for UNC Conservatives


They say there’s nothing more American than baseball. From the open air, the sweet crack of the bat, the smell of hot dogs on the grill, everything about baseball has always been associated with America. At Boshamer Stadium on an overcast Sunday afternoon, students line the stands to watch our boys in blue face ECU for the third time this week. Old men, the fathers of players, yell encouragement and criticism from the stands in a loud southern drawl. Students bring backpacks and laptops to do homework when the game stalls. Behind first base, where the students tend to gather, good ol’ boys shout crude jokes at the umpire when the action heats up. Everyone stands for the anthem. Out past right field, the American flag is displayed between flags of our school and state. There is a feeling here of patriotism, camaraderie, and fraternity. That isn’t to say women don’t enjoy the games just as well. Attendance here is about half of each sex. Baseball is a fringe sport at Chapel Hill so those that come consistently are deeply invested. There are those who come blissfully ignorant of this season’s record but most are snarling and gnashing teeth when the umpire calls a home run foul. The games are free and numerous throughout the season. It’s perfect for spring when the weather’s nice and it’s easy to get homework done in the fresh air.


UNC baseball is unlike other sports with a consistent following on campus. Unlike football fans or basketball players, our baseball program displays a sense of respect and patriotism. Fewer college baseball players go pro than do football or basketball players. These boys have a greater sense of loyalty to the Tar Heels. They aren’t as itching to break away and go pro at the first opportunity. Other schools produce an even better atmosphere at college baseball games. Ole Miss has their beer shower, and opening day in Gainesville is a sight to behold. This might be the last sport left free from the SJW crusade. For UNC’s conservative sports fans, I encourage you to come out for a game. See for yourself. You’ll feel right at home.

Dwayne Dixon: UNC Professor/Armed Antifa Radical


On Wednesday, students and faculty gathered outside of the South Building to protest a white nationalist rally that never materialized. The latest spokesman for Leftist hysteria on campus, Asian Studies professor Dwayne Dixon was in attendance to address the crowd. Dixon was apparently arrested last summer for two misdemeanors during his involvement at a protest in Durham for “having a weapon at a public assembly or rally and going armed to the terror of people” The Herald Sun reported. The Sun also quoted Major Paul Martin of the Durham County Police Department as saying that Dixon had brought multiple magazines of ammunition to the protest. Dixon was also present and armed with a semiautomatic rifle at the protest in Charlottesville, something he later bragged about in a Facebook post, and was confronted about by reporters for the Right-wing news site Big League Politics. Dixon is also a member of the Antifa branch, Redneck Revolt, which describes itself as an “anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense.” The group, advocates on behalf of violence and revolution.facebook postredneckrevolt

(Photo Credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Dixon can’t possibly be an academic while trying to intimidate political opponents with a weapon. He promotes the use of force to advance his political agenda and his conduct brings shame to the University and certainly violates the public’s trust. It’s high time we started acting like an institution that worked for the betterment of North Carolinians instead of funding fringe Left-wing intellectuals who promote revolutionary identity politics. UNC’s purpose is to serve our state and her people by educating students to be good citizens through free and open discourse. A university is meant to be a bastion of rational thought and the preservation of knowledge. Dixon seems to think that it is perfectly acceptable to go around wielding an assault rifle to intimidate people who say things he doesn’t like. How can UNC claim to be a place that respects our right to question and debate ideas when it subsidizes the career of someone who clearly doesn’t share that value? It’s absolutely absurd that this phony fear-monger remains on the payroll. I wonder what the taxpayers of North Carolina would think if they knew that their money was funding the career of this tough-guy-role-playing radical.

Lesson Learned?



By Editor-In-Chief Frank Pray

Displaying grace in defeat is an important skill. Over the course of the last few days, the Left has displayed an almost total lack of it. Sure, there are some who may exemplify how to lose with dignity and class, but from what my Facebook news feed and college campus have shown me, most simply haven’t gained that skill set.

Do you know why Donald Trump won? It’s not because anyone thought he is particularly gifted. He’s no more politically skilled than your average politician. No one loved most of his policies, either. Conservatives certainly didn’t see him as some icon of our principles. No, it’s because President-Elect Trump represents the ultimate ‘screw you,’ the American people’s Trump Card, if you will, to the Left.

Let’s not forget that it was this left that has, for 8 years, said that every person who disagrees with them, the entire right side of the political spectrum, half of America, is a racist, sexist bigot. It is the Left, that for most of recent memory, has been filled with individuals who assume their intellectual counterparts on the right don’t just disagree, but are actually evil. People like Hillary Clinton, like many students here at UNC, have displayed an extraordinary inability to reach across the political spectrum, to listen to understand, and to dialogue until a mutually agreeable compromise is reached.

The shortsightedness, the shallowness of this approach simply cannot be stressed enough. It’s wrong, and in 2018, if the Left doesn’t stop this nonsense, if they don’t learn the painful lesson this election taught, then the Democratic Party will lose another 6 seats in the senate. Their losses will continue until the Left stops demonizing over half the nation by saying they want terrible things for those around them.

We conservatives have news for you, friends on the Left. We aren’t sexist. We all have women we love and want the best for in our lives. We aren’t racist, we all have people of color and various ethnic and racial backgrounds that we love and care about in our lives. And we aren’t bigots. Following our faith as it is actually written doesn’t mean we hate any group of people, in fact, we do all things in regards to faith out of sacrificial love. So please, stop with this nonsense.

As a Republican, as a conservative, and as a man who cast a ballot for President-Elect Donald J Trump, I fervently yearn for the day when America has two political parties that both truly want the best for all American citizens, rather than writing off over half the nation, a group of mostly good, nice, loving people, as deplorable racist, sexist bigots. I yearn for the day when the Democratic Party learns to debate, disagree, and compromise, again. I yearn for them to learn their lesson. On that day, America will truly be great again.

“We’re Gonna Play the National Anthem and Just See What Happens”



By Staff Writer Jackson Valentine

If this title doesn’t mean anything to you, I would highly recommend checking out the SNL skit “Black Jeopardy”. Very funny and well worth 7 minutes of your time. More importantly, however, this is going to be about the fact that all of a sudden it’s a controversial thing to stand or sing our national anthem. Perhaps as a music performance major as well as a former marching band member, I could present a unique perspective.

Marching Band

It has long been a tradition in our country for school marching bands to incorporate the playing of the national anthem into its pregame performance. Recently, this part of the performance will elicit nervousness, people looking around wondering, “what’s going to happen this time?” “Who’s going to take a knee?” “I hope no one feels offended”. It is a shame that the song written to commemorate the bravery of our nation has created tension you could cut with a knife, but more importantly, a dangerous precedent is being set by allowing band members to “protest” the national anthem by refusing to play and not standing while on the field. If it is acceptable for band members to exercise their first amendment right (and indeed it is their right) by disrupting a performance, the slope that the organization begins to slide down becomes very slippery.

A perfect example of this comes from our colleagues down the road in Greenville, North Carolina. About 20 band members decided ahead of time to take a knee during their performance of the anthem, and some of those that did not agree chose to carry American flags out to the field with them to protest the protest, so to speak. What if someone decides to protest the protest of the protest and refuse to even come onto the field to play at all? I imagine that if that were to happen, there would be people protesting that protest. You can probably see where I am going with this…

One of the focal points of marching band is to look the same, sound the same, and march the same, so as to not attract attention to any one individual with the goal being a polished product from the band as a whole. When I was a section leader in high school, I can’t tell you how many times I heard something like “who cares if you can play your part perfectly? If one person in your section can’t, then it doesn’t matter.” I believe that’s true whether you’re working on marching in practice, or standing on the field playing the national anthem. You come together to make music and blend into something that is bigger than yourself and it is most certainly not the place to air out your political laundry for the whole world to see. Maybe if I were still in the Marching Tarheels, I would take a knee for the school alma mater because I disagree with their lack of academic diversity in the faculty. I wonder if everyone would stand up and applaud my bravery and solidarity then?


I wont have as much to say on this one, because I’m not really an athlete and haven’t played competitive team sports in quite some time, but I would like to point out that the man who started it all, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, definitely has something going on other than simply showing opposition to police brutality in America. Kaepernick was seen in a post game interview earlier this season sporting a New Black Panther Party t-shirt, and in practice he was seen wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs. These things point to a larger problem in that it seems Kaepernick is actually very racist. If you wear the shirt of an organization that believes in committing violence against a particular race, it’s kind of hard to PR your way out it. Imagine if Tom Brady rolled up to his post game interview wearing a KKK t-shirt. It would more than likely be the end of his football career, and possibly the end of his professional life. The double standard here seems obvious, but double standards are something the media is quite familiar with.

Also, I believe that it is important to note the same principles of unity and comradery that come with being in a marching band also apply to being on a sports team. When you have some team members coming out for the anthem and others staying in the locker room (Millikin University), it shows disunity among the team which I’m sure carries over into performance. Again, not the time or place to air out your political laundry.

Free Speech

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all of these people definitely have the right under our constitution’s first amendment to do basically whatever they want without being arrested, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. Organizations also reserve the right to boot people based on insubordination or any other number of factors that they deem fit. The worst part about this whole thing is that the left says not only is it their right, but they should be able to kneel for the national anthem or do a host of other things without repercussions because it is “free speech”. It’s funny how free speech has suddenly become extremely important to a party that has a long-standing tradition of free speech suppression, which is predominantly on display in our nation’s colleges and universities. Whether it is boxing in open dialogue into “free speech zones” (which we do have here at UNC) or denying protest permits to groups they disagree with. Well UNC snowflakes, you certainly didn’t care about free speech when you tried to ban the Center for Bio-ethical Reform, the Alamance County Sons of the Confederacy, Ben Shapiro, or David Horowitz from our campus because it was “unsafe for students”. Hey Campus Y, where was my safe space when the band members took a knee? Why wasn’t I given a trigger warning beforehand? Oh yeah, because these things fit your agenda and Shapiro doesn’t. There’s that double standard again…


Calling All Campus Coddlers



By Associate Editor Ana Delgado

In August I received the syllabus for our class: two papers, a midterm, a final, and some pop quizzes. The class is on how politics affect public policy, so our first paper was due pre-election and the second due after. The first was to be written directed at any of the candidates on a policy proposition, the only requirement was that said proposal was in the realm of their platform. The second paper was to be written post-election. The same guidelines in place, but directed at the new President Elect. Until class the Thursday after the election, it was understood (or at least I believed) that the assignment would resume regardless of who won the election.

Some of my peers seemed to desire a “Trump won” exception to the assignment. We spent time in class discussing the possibility of an alternate assignment (at one point, a paper on the “need” to end the electoral college was suggested) or no assignment at all. Students argued that they could not write a proposal directed at Donald Trump, that they would write “in language for a two year old” so he’d understand, and that the assignment would cause too much emotional distress.


The assignment would not have even been contested had Hillary Clinton won the election.

Our campus is very liberal, so for a second I expected our professor to give in. Thank God, she didn’t. She said this was a good exercise, a point with which I agree. This idea that assignments will be cancelled because it is uncomfortable to write them seems dangerously close to throwing a temper tantrum.

When another student perked up saying, “Go through his 100 day plan and find something you agree with him on… There has to be something,” everyone kind of quieted down. Our professor nodded and we moved on. I walked away a little less cynical than usual.

The ‘Experts’ Continue to Get it Wrong


By Staff Writer Hinton Carter

Let’s set the stage: Election Night in America 2016 at 11:42 PM. The Dow Futures is down 750 points.

Now, let’s take a step back for a minute and cover some bases first. In the US Stock Market, the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones Industrial are all market indexes that provide insight into the performance of the entire market as a whole at one period in time. The Dow Futures is an overnight, after-market closing view of how investors will act when the markets and exchanges reopen the next day. When the news came amidst election coverage that the Dow Futures was down 750 points, it indicated that investors were planning on heavily selling off when the market opened, leading to potential historic single day market loss, similar to what happened the day after the Brexit vote.

Many analysts actually thought it would be worse than the Brexit fallout, as the US election would naturally have had more impact on the US markets. But after Donald Trump had been announced the winner of the presidential election in the middle of the night, and subsequently when the markets opened for trading on the 9th of November, something unforeseen happened. By the end of the trading day on Wednesday, the Dow Index soared up 257 points, brushing all time highs. By the end the week, the market finished up 5%, an all time high and leading to the best week the market had tallied in five years. It is known fact that the financial markets and investors do not like uncertainty, yet it seems as if a prospective Trump presidency has brought at least short term stability and promise to the market.

To support this theory, Bill Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital, a 12.4 billion dollar hedge fund and financial heavyweight in US markets, had very positive things to say about Trump being elected. “The U.S. is the greatest business in the world. It’s been undermanaged for a very long period of time. We now have a businessman as president,” stated Ackman at conference in New York City on Wednesday. As first reported by Forbes, Ackman also thinks Trump could bring about great economic benefit by returning to private ownership Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the currently government-owned mortgage funds. Common stock ownership of the funds has risen 70% since the election, alluding to newfound confidence by venture capitalists and shareholders alike.

Whether or not someone supported President-elect Trump in his candidacy, it’s important to recognize that the market appears to like the decision thus far. It will now be up to President Trump and a Republican controlled Congress to pass legislation that continues to brings more confidence and success in the financial markets, and the greater United States economy as a whole.