Never Forget:”We Will Not Waver, We Will Not Falter, and We Will Not Fail”

By: Staff Writer Will Rierson “Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our tallest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundations of America. We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and Freedom will prevail,” – President George W. Bush Members of the UNC CollegeContinue reading “Never Forget:”We Will Not Waver, We Will Not Falter, and We Will Not Fail””

The Sexual Campus Hypocrisy – Sex Workshops and the Rape Culture

The University of Minnesota puts on a “Golden Condom Scavenger Hunt;” Vanderbilt offers sex-ed classes designed to make you a more dynamic lover; Harvard hosts sex-week and anal sex workshops; The University of New Mexico boasts threesome workshops with extensive how-to’s; we’ve also seen the appearance of porn-funded scholarships, and now even the University ofContinue reading “The Sexual Campus Hypocrisy – Sex Workshops and the Rape Culture”

Why Liberals Should Validate Conservatives

Recent events at this campus have demonstrated what ought to be a particularly disturbing reality to many liberals here. Conservative groups, including the Carolina Review and College Republicans among others, alleged that a meeting with Chancellor Folt and other university leaders to discuss diversity excluded them from the conversation. Campus liberals denied that this exclusionContinue reading “Why Liberals Should Validate Conservatives”

The Hypocrisy of People on this Campus

Honestly, what is it about some people that make them so bent on destroying another person’s moral fabric simply because of the person they voted for. In an absolutely appalling article titled “The Hypocrisy of Summers and Walker” Ishmael Bishop completely demonizes Kathryn Walker and Houston Summers because they voted for Thom Tillis in theContinue reading “The Hypocrisy of People on this Campus”

Conservative of the Week

So the Carolina Review has decided to start a segment called “Conservative of the Week.” It can be a student, professor, teachers assistant, or administrator. We want to find progressive thinkers who are changing the way that conservatives are viewed throughout UNC and the rest of the country.  If you know anyone that you wouldContinue reading “Conservative of the Week”