Why Liberals Should Validate Conservatives

Recent events at this campus have demonstrated what ought to be a particularly disturbing reality to many liberals here. Conservative groups, including the Carolina Review and College Republicans among others, alleged that a meeting with Chancellor Folt and other university leaders to discuss diversity excluded them from the conversation. Campus liberals denied that this exclusionContinue reading “Why Liberals Should Validate Conservatives”

The Hypocrisy of People on this Campus

Honestly, what is it about some people that make them so bent on destroying another person’s moral fabric simply because of the person they voted for. In an absolutely appalling article titled “The Hypocrisy of Summers and Walker” Ishmael Bishop completely demonizes Kathryn Walker and Houston Summers because they voted for Thom Tillis in theContinue reading “The Hypocrisy of People on this Campus”

Interview with Tyler Jacon, Candidate for Student Body President

It is that time of the year again. Students with clipboards line the Pit, chants to vote fill the brisk Chapel Hill air and Facebook profile photos are changing at a ridiculous high rate. This can only mean one thing: it is election season here at UNC-Chapel Hill, and no race has more excitement surroundingContinue reading “Interview with Tyler Jacon, Candidate for Student Body President”

The Case For Andrew Powell

Hello Tar Heels, As most are probably aware, Emilio Vicente’s platform writer recently came out against his former candidate in what many Emilio supporters see as a stab in the back.  Fortunately, that whole incident is really irrelevant as to why Emilio is not the ideal candidate for SBP and why Andrew Powell is theContinue reading “The Case For Andrew Powell”

SBP Results 2014

From the Board of Elections 5475 voters 41.08% or 2249 for Emilio 28.4% or 1555 Andrew 20.29% or 1111 for Nikita  and 7.25% or 397 for Winston According to the Daily Tar Heel  forum, Nikita claimed that she would support Andrew. Other sources are saying that Winston will support Andrew as well.  The runoff  between AndrewContinue reading “SBP Results 2014”

Interview with SBP Candidate Emilio Vicente

Last week, the Carolina Review had the privilege to sit down with Emilio Vicente, a candidate for Student Body President.  During the interview, we had the chance to hear from him about his campaign, his goals, and why he loves Carolina. (Disclaimer: This interview has been lightly edited for brevity.) 1. Why are you runningContinue reading “Interview with SBP Candidate Emilio Vicente”