Interview with SBP Candidate Emilio Vicente

Last week, the Carolina Review had the privilege to sit down with Emilio Vicente, a candidate for Student Body President.  During the interview, we had the chance to hear from him about his campaign, his goals, and why he loves Carolina. (Disclaimer: This interview has been lightly edited for brevity.) 1. Why are you runningContinue reading “Interview with SBP Candidate Emilio Vicente”

Student Body President Analysis and Endorsement

In this post, we here at the Carolina Review intend to break down each candidate and his or her platforms as well as analyze the race to this point. We will conclude with an endorsement of a candidate for Student Body President.   Analysis of Winston Howes:             The Carolina Review writers and editors pouredContinue reading “Student Body President Analysis and Endorsement”

Interview with SBP Candidate Nikita Shamdasani

Nikita Shamdasani is a Political Science Major and Business Minor running for Student Body President.  CRDaily got the chance to sit down with her this week to speak about her campaign, her goals, and why she loves this University. (This Interview has been lightly edited). 1. Why are you running for Student Body President? “So,Continue reading “Interview with SBP Candidate Nikita Shamdasani”

Andrew Powell SBP Interview

CR Daily: Why are you running for Student Body President (SBP)? Powell: “I am running for SBP because the university is going through a tough time right now and we need some big solutions. Our tuition is increasing, while our funding is being cut, and that puts many of us in a tough bind. UNCContinue reading “Andrew Powell SBP Interview”

Winston Howes SBP Interview

CR Daily: Why are you running for Student Body President? Howes: “I am running for Student Body President (SBP) to see my goals as a leader get done. I see many problems with the infrastructure, and through my leadership, I want to improve that. I also believe through my personal life experiences, and I knowContinue reading “Winston Howes SBP Interview”

Why You Should Vote for SBP

As the runoff election for Student Body President nears, the lack of interest by students has become disheartening. This year, more than it ever, it is important to have your voice heard. As I walk around campus, I overhear students saying that the race really does not matter, and it is simply a fight betweenContinue reading “Why You Should Vote for SBP”