Dwayne Dixon: UNC Professor/Armed Antifa Radical

On Wednesday, students and faculty gathered outside of the South Building to protest a white nationalist rally that never materialized. The latest spokesman for Leftist hysteria on campus, Asian Studies professor Dwayne Dixon was in attendance to address the crowd. Dixon was apparently arrested last summer for two misdemeanors during his involvement at a protestContinue reading “Dwayne Dixon: UNC Professor/Armed Antifa Radical”

“We’re Gonna Play the National Anthem and Just See What Happens”

By Staff Writer Jackson Valentine If this title doesn’t mean anything to you, I would highly recommend checking out the SNL skit “Black Jeopardy”. Very funny and well worth 7 minutes of your time. More importantly, however, this is going to be about the fact that all of a sudden it’s a controversial thing toContinue reading ““We’re Gonna Play the National Anthem and Just See What Happens””

The ‘Experts’ Continue to Get it Wrong

By Staff Writer Hinton Carter Let’s set the stage: Election Night in America 2016 at 11:42 PM. The Dow Futures is down 750 points. Now, let’s take a step back for a minute and cover some bases first. In the US Stock Market, the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones Industrial are all market indexesContinue reading “The ‘Experts’ Continue to Get it Wrong”

President-Elect Donald J. Trump

By Editor-in-Chief Frank Pray They said he couldn’t do it. I said he couldn’t do it. We were wrong. Today, we enter a new week with our nation moving in a vastly different direction than our course over the last 8 years. The American people soundly rejected President Obama’s legacy by rejecting Hillary Clinton. Instead,Continue reading “President-Elect Donald J. Trump”