A Fountainhead

It was a Monday, October 18th of 2021 to be exact. After a semi-boring day of attending history lectures and a twenty-five minute run along the usual route for my LFIT jogging class, I made my usual walk from campus to my apartment. Carrying a heavy, textbook-laden backpack and two…

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The CEO of El Salvador

In the United States, one often hears the following rejoinder from a certain brand of center-right politician: “government should be run like a business.” Typically this just means that elected officials should be more hawk-eyed in the quest to cut waste and make government run more efficiently. It could also…

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What Are We Conserving?

Politics is by its very nature irrational. The absurdities we all see cannot be explained by mere ignorance or differing values. Ignorance does not explain the passion and vitriol — after all, few people are highly emotional about advanced calculus; it also doesn’t explain the persistence of beliefs in the…

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