Response to the UNC Town Hall Meeting


By: Managing Editor Jackson Valentine

Yesterday, our school hosted what was supposed to be a balanced discussion of race relations at UNC. The meeting was dubbed a “town hall”, and was to be a place where people could express their opinions and ideas on race relations without name-calling, shouts of racism, or interruptions. But that was quickly tossed out the window when a group of students, comprised of the Black Student Movement and the Real Silent Sam Coalition, interrupted the meeting and proceeded to read a list of 50 demands called “A Collective Response to Anti-Blackness”. This list was addressed to not only UNC administration, but also to the Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, and the General Assembly.

One doesn’t even have to look past the first paragraph to see what’s really going on here; it has nothing to do with race relations, and everything to do with a small minority of students terrorizing this campus that like to cry and make a scene when they aren’t given what they want. Straight out of the gate, these students claim that our school is “unethical”, that we exploit black people in labor and in athletics, and that we treat “black and brown people as less than essential to the everyday running of UNC.” The first paragraph goes on to say that since 1968, little has changed among race relations on campus because we still operate under a system of “white supremacist, patriarchal capitalism.”

I’m not going to go through the entire list, because it’s torture on logic is likely too much for most rational human beings to handle, but I point out the quotes in the opening to show that every accusation made against the university by this particular group of students is a complete fallacy. Nothing that was said in the list made by the students of the Black Student Movement (BSM) or The Real Silent Sam Coalition (RSSC) has any truth in it. If you didn’t know anything about UNC and were reading the news stories and the list that was read last night, you would think that this school is full of nothing but a bunch of racists and a racist administration that could be likened to the Alabama school system during integration. However, we at The Carolina Review are here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. The race baiters who wrote this list are trying to convince you that massive racial injustices have been committed at UNC Chapel Hill, and that is simply false. There is absolutely NO evidence that black people have been exploited in the labor force at UNC, NO evidence that black people have been treated as less than essential on campus, and NO evidence that our school exists under a patriarchal, white supremacist system.

Given the fact that their claims are very clearly false, you might be asking yourself why would they even make such a big scene at this meeting and read this list. The answer is twofold. (1) The goal for these students is to cause as much chaos on campus as possible, because they are fueled by divide and hatred. Whether it be attempting to force pro-confederate protesters off campus, interrupting the university day ceremony with shouting, or interrupting a peaceful discussion on race, the satisfaction they get from rule by being louder than everyone else is nauseating to say the least. (2) These groups, and other groups like them are part of a larger effort across the country to kindle up racism where it doesn’t exist to force political correctness on college campuses. These groups have a common denominator that easily proves my point: any dissent is known as racism and hatred. This point will only be further proven when I too am called a racist for writing this article, and I can sit back, smile, and say “I told you so”. Led by the umbrella group NAACP (or more aptly named NAAPC, The National Association for the Advancement of Political Correctness) the push for silencing free speech on college campuses in the name of political correctness has reached an alarming point. Trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, and “unsafe spaces” have riddled our schools for some time now, and the notion that dissent equals racism has really brought the issue to a boiling point.

If you have the time to read the whole list, you can see that none of their demands can be met. They propose drastic changes that include not allowing SAT and ACT scores to be considered during the admission process, demanding UNC systems president Margaret Spellings be fired for referring to LGBT lives as “those lifestyles” (God forbid), and demanding that all of UNC’s facilities (including classes) be open to all North Carolina residents, regardless of age or income.

Most of these demands are not only impossible to implement, but they are out of the hands of UNC administration. Come on guys, do you really think demanding the SAT be done away with at a town hall meeting will really make that happen? Do you really think UNC administration has the power to fire Margaret Spelling? And do you REALLY think they’re going to open the doors of UNC to every single North Carolinian so we can insure that UNC becomes your everyday community college? No, of course you don’t, because you just want to make a scene. You want to annoy this campus to no end with your ridiculous demands. What are you going to say when Margaret Spellings looks at you as says, “Nah I think we’re good, but thanks for the input”?

Here’s the good news: last night’s town hall interruption finally exposed what BSM and RSSC stand for. Instead of UNC students and faculty viewing them as a group to prevent racism, they view them as a group of students who want to protest for the heck of it. These two groups completely lost any credibility they ever had once they published this list. These demands are SO absurd and SO outrageous that people now see them for what they really are: socialist race-baiters who want to create controversy and stay in the limelight because it’s the “hip” thing to do. If you hear people on campus talk about the events last night or read the latest Yik Yak feed, you will find that conversations normally applauding these groups for promoting equality have turned to conversations of disbelief at the views the groups hold. “Do they really want this school to be free and open to everyone?” “Do they really believe we should cut all ties to Nike (a $40 million contract)? “Is it really safe to decriminalize sleeping on campus after midnight for non students (homeless people)?”

These are the conversations I am hearing now, and after years of pointing out this fallacy, I could not be happier. People are beginning to understand the radical black liberation theology that is behind groups like the BSM and the RSSC.

So to the Black Student Movement and the Real Silent Sam Coalition, I believe that I can confidently say that your gig is up. You went too far, and you exposed yourself for what you really are: nothing more than a front for racial divide and promotion of hatred and intolerance on campus. The very things that you claim you want to stop, you are prolonging and exasperating. The wonderful and intelligent students at UNC are tired of you ruining every political event, every ceremony, and every discussion had on this campus with your false cries of racism and discrimination. Just like the boy in the childhood story, you cried wolf too many times, and people are done listening.





We hear about a terror group known as ISIS almost daily on the news in America today, but you will hear about a terror group known as ISIL from any speech or statement made by the United States State Department. They are obviously the same group, but why the discrepancy? Why must the government (among others) decide to call a terrorist group ISIL while others call them ISIS?

Just to set a background, ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and ISIL stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Most English-speaking news organizations refer to the group as ISIS, but that’s not necessarily the most accurate title for the terror group.

In Arabic, the group is called Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham, which is literally translated “The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham”. Al-Sham is a region that stretches from southern Turkey through Syria to Egypt, which includes Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. This region’s English name is the Levant; therefore ISIL would be a more accurate title than ISIS.

However, it must be noted that there is a difference between al-Sham and Bildad al-Sham. Some Arabic scholars claim that al-Sham is used to refer to Syria and Damascus, while Bildad al-Sham is used to refer to the Levant. It is also important to note that “the Levant” is a dated term that would normally be used alongside “Mesopotamia”, and “Greater Syria” is probably a more actuate name for the Levant.

Regardless, neither ISIS nor ISIL is the most accurate name for the group. The Arabic shorthand for ISIL is DAIISH, and if news organizations wanted to be as actuate as possible, DAIISH would probably be the best way to go.

In any event, ISIS, ISIL, or DAIISH is a dangerous terrorist group and America must do everything within its means to make sure that terrorism is not carried out on our homeland.

Whats Wrong with Uber?


Uber is a phenomenon that has sprung up recently in our country, hailed as an alternative to expensive taxis in various metropolises across America. Uber is basically a ridesharing app for cell phones that allow people to connect with other Uber “drivers” to get from one point to another. The price of a ride varies depending on which city you’re in, but Uber was created to be cheaper than a taxi, and they generally are true to that.

Uber has become popular in the political arena recently because many town councils and state legislatures are being lobbied to tax the Uber drivers as if they are operating a taxi, because “that would only be fair to the actual taxi drivers”. In many places, regulations regarding Uber have already been put in place, such as San Antonio, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Many towns put these regulations in place in an effort to protect their citizens from outrageous prices, because Uber does occasionally have unacceptably high prices, mainly due to the fact that their prices are based on supply and demand. So, if there were an area where a ride is in high demand (such as Chapel Hill when it snows), Uber drivers would reap much more reward because people would be willing to pay more. However, in Uber’s defense, they normally set price ceilings in areas where this becomes an issue.

My point is this… yes, companies shouldn’t treat consumers unfairly, and there should be rules to protect the consumer, but our government cannot craft policies based on the notion that everything must be regulated right out of the gate, because that stifles competition in our capitalist marketplace. If Uber CEO Travis Kalanick knew that his company would be slapped with the same regulations as taxis, why would he have gone into business in the first place? The whole point of Uber was to offer a nice alternative to taxis, and our government wants to make sure that Uber becomes another Taxi service. The mindset that government red tape and added regulation will help our society is a completely ill advised one, and I would urge all state and local legislators to thoroughly examine this issue before any votes are cast.

The Income Gap


When a conversation is had about capitalism, the same age-old argument inevitably comes up: “Capitalism widens the gap between the rich and the poor, and that’s not fair!” While the notion that everyone should have the same income doesn’t make sense in the first place, it is indeed true that the gap between the rich and poor is widening in America, but it’s not because of capitalism, it’s because of policies progressives have enacted along with something I call “crony capitalism”(when businesses are involved with government policy-making).

The gap between the rich and the poor in America is growing primarily because of The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is pumping new money into our economy using a process known as quantitative easing. That doesn’t sound like it would have anything to do with income inequality, until you realize that the new money is going into the stock market, which is artificially inflating returns on stock investments, and that, in turn, causes people investing in the stock market to feel a false sense of good investment. So if you were wondering why the stock market looked like it was on the rise while the rest of the economy was still lagging behind, it is because of the Federal Reserve.

The Fed’s use of QE is boosting up the stock market and making it look like people are using good investment-making strategies, but that is simply not the case. It doesn’t matter whether or not it was a good investment, because the return on the investment is already inflated due to the extra dollars being pumped in by the Fed.

To exasperate the income gap, entitlement programs are only being added to, rather than reformed, and that further incentivizes low income citizens to not work, therefore they aren’t generating money within their own communities. If there is low employment within low income communities because of bloated government programs like WIC and welfare checks, those low-income communities will never help to close the income gap, because there is simply no money being generated.

The bottom line is this: The Federal Reserve is helping rich investors get richer, and government entitlement programs are forcing poor people to stay poor. If policy makers really cared about closing the income gap in this country, they would cut these cradle-to-grave government programs, as well as look at some options regarding Federal Reserve monetary policy that don’t include handing out money to wealthy investors and artificially boosting stock market numbers.

Race Pimps


Ever since the end of the civil rights era, a new form of activism has been added to the ever increasing list of ways people can make money off of those that are less fortunate in our society, and this particular brand is known as “race pimping”. Race pimping is essentially taking advantage of a minority by feeding them a constant stream of propaganda with the main goal being to convince them that they are a victim of society and they are entitled to more. Race pimping has been made popular among the black community by political pundits such as Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan, just to name a few.

These people have completely disgraced the legitimacy of the civil rights movement and the hard work and dedication that true civil rights activists like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers put forth in this country.

Almost every time we turn on the news or pick up a copy of The New York Times, there is a story about one of these race pimps attempting to turn an issue that has nothing to do with race into an issue of a black person’s civil rights being violated, and if there is no story to spin, they will completely fabricate one to further their own agenda. One has to only flip over to MSNBC and check out Al Sharpton’s show “PoliticsNation” to see the spewing of propaganda that stirs the boiling pot of racial tension in our country today.

If these pundits truly believed in their cause, even if they are incorrect, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I mean, there are activists of every race that fight for different racial issues. But there is something deeper in the game of race pimping. The name itself describes the underlying problem… these race pimps are after money. They are literally “pimping” out the black community for a profit. A great example is the Ferguson issue, where a black kid was shot by a white police officer. Regardless of how you feel about the issue, you don’t have to look very far before you see Jesse Jackson with a megaphone in a crowd of protestors trying to convince them that they are all victims of police brutality. There was a particular instance where he got a crowd excited, then proceeded to ask for donations to his church (which would really have been donations to him), and was booed out of the crowd. Soon after, we get the audio from a speech given by Luis Farrakhan where he encourages the audience to “tear this G** damn country up” in response to the non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson. These types of things are examples of race pimps taking advantage of already sad situations and using them for profit.

There are also situations in which race pimps create racial issues out of thin air, such as the case in Nashville, North Carolina with the always interesting president of the NC NAACP, Dr. Rev. William Barber. In this instance, there were a few students at Nash Central High School that posted a picture on Instagram over thanksgiving break that depicted them in Ku Klux Klan outfits. The students received a lot of threats and had to be escorted to their classes by police officers. So the picture was taken outside of school, therefore, it is not the schools responsibility (one would think) and the superintendent of the school system made that very clear. But in typical William Barber fashion, he called a meeting in the area on behalf of the NAACP and demanded that everyone in attendance write a letter to the school board encouraging the school to suspend the students. The school informed them that since it did not take place on school property, no action could be taken, but this is a classic example of taking an issue that had little to no impact on society, and attempting to turn it into a huge attack on the black community in an effort to stir up racial tension so that Barber can line his fat pockets.

Race pimps like Barber know that without racism, they won’t make money. If black and white people actually got along, they wouldn’t be able to exploit their own race for profit. That is why the race pimps of today consistently create racism in every community possible. That is why the NAACP will lead marches to the general assembly now that session has started. That is why the NAACP will spew a radical message to the “Moral Monday” protest group that the Republican policies are harmful to the black community… because they want money.

We have come a long way in this country when it comes to racism and prejudice. The race pimps of our time will continue to divide our nation and create racial strife where there is none and it’s really a sad situation. Their agenda will only harm the black community when so many of us just want to live in harmony and go about our lives.