Campus Y Facebook Page Also Not in Compliance With the Law

To be honest, this was the aspect of this advertising campaign that was the most interesting. The issue of the website was fairly cut and dry, but I was kind of curious to see how the university views Facebook pages. I received this email from UNC’s General Counsel: Dear Mr. Seelinger, I am writing in reference toContinue reading “Campus Y Facebook Page Also Not in Compliance With the Law”

Looks Like Campus Y Was Breaking the Law

After I sent an inquiry (yesterday) over to UNC’s legal team regarding recent actions by the Campus Y, the Y’s website appears to have undergone a few cosmetic changes. Most notably, any reference to Amendment 1 has been scrubbed from the site. I’m still waiting on an official response from UNC’s General Counsel, but itContinue reading “Looks Like Campus Y Was Breaking the Law”

Evidence Increasingly Suggests Campus Y Breaking the Law

The Campus Y was kind enough to post a response to my last post (also take a look at this) via Facebook. For the sake of simplicity, I’ve posted it below: Darling Marc and CR Daily, In response to your article (, we would like to share the following with you…. a) the Y is aContinue reading “Evidence Increasingly Suggests Campus Y Breaking the Law”

Has a University Department Illegally Endorsed Amendment One?

Click each image for larger close-ups It’s a well-known fact that the university and university departments aren’t supposed to take public stances on candidates for office or ballot initiatives. Indeed, NC General Statue 126-13 expressly forbids a state employee from “us[ing] the authority of his position, or utiliz[ing] State funds, supplies or vehicles to secure supportContinue reading “Has a University Department Illegally Endorsed Amendment One?”

Amendment One Coverage Update

By my count, the DTH’s coverage of Amendment One now tilts 31-2. They ran a few more anti-amendment pieces this week, which you can find below. 28 29 30 31 Since the DTH has apparently abandoned any pretense of a fair discussion of the matter, it has fallen to more responsible parties to pick upContinue reading “Amendment One Coverage Update”

How ASG Lied to You

So, you remember how about two months ago, during the referendum on ASG, everyone on the pro-side was arguing something to the effect of, “Just give us some time and, we’ll fix everything.” Turns out that wasn’t really true. Since that referendum, the organization has failed to achieve quorum for two of its meetings and just thisContinue reading “How ASG Lied to You”