Registration Activists

By Associate Editor Alec Dent Everyone in the United States is glad the general election is about to be over. Finally, we won’t have to see anymore over the top campaign commercials, listen about how every candidate is going to ruin the country, or watch the nasty woman go head to head with the bad hombreContinue reading “Registration Activists”

North Carolina’s 9th District Senate Race

By Staff Writer Hinton Carter North Carolina’s 9th Senate District constitutes all of New Hanover County. Current republican incumbent, Michael Lee, is facing a tough challenge this election cycle in democratic challenger Andrew Barnhill. While Senator Lee is running on a platform of his successful record and the inexperience of his opponent, Barnhill seems toContinue reading “North Carolina’s 9th District Senate Race”

October 2016: Look Who’s Whining

Dear Readers, The Carolina Review is proud to present our October 2016 issue: Look Who’s Whining. Inside the cover, you will find a hilarious satirical foray into the minds of our friends on the left, delving into a range of issues from sports, to clowns, to the fixtures of Autumnal Aggression and oppression. This issueContinue reading “October 2016: Look Who’s Whining”

Reflections on the University

By Jackson Valentine In a publication such as The Carolina Review, we tend to dig into some deep issues (many of them critical of our school). The reason higher public education was created in the first place was to open up an environment where intelligent people could get together and present ideas, and with thoseContinue reading “Reflections on the University”

The State of the Races

By Staff Writer Chris Antonello After last week brought us the most-discussed topic of the 2016 General Election, Donald J. Trump’s chances of becoming the 45th president all but vanished. It’s hard to come back from leaked audio with crude language — just ask Richard Nixon. I will say that Trump’s dedicated supporters will notContinue reading “The State of the Races”

Heads Up, Mars: A Giant Leap For Mankind

By Staff Writer Hinton Carter Last week, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced plans to send humans to Mars using technology developed by SpaceX. Musk has released significant plans toward this goal, and he is confident in its potential. Many obstacles remain, including time of travel, fuel for rockets, and least of all, funding.Continue reading “Heads Up, Mars: A Giant Leap For Mankind”