The Vatican’s Less Homophobic than You’re Told

The Vatican is back in the limelight! Just after Pope Francis’ well received tour of the United States the Vatican finds itself in the media’s crosshairs. The Catholic Church’s crime? The dismissal of a priest, Krzysztof Charasma, after he came out as homosexual and revealed that he had a partner. Charasma worked at the CongregationContinue reading “The Vatican’s Less Homophobic than You’re Told”

The Danger of Cultural Relativism in our Foreign Policy

Much is being made of the letter sent by 47 Republican senators to Iran, warning them that any agreement reached with President Obama is not guaranteed to last past 2016, when there will be a new president in the White House. Some question the legality of this move, others its wisdom and what precedent itContinue reading “The Danger of Cultural Relativism in our Foreign Policy”

The Philosophical Inconsistenty of Race-Baiting Liberals

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Utah Representative Mia Love, and retired pediatric neurosurgeon and GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson – what do these three established individuals have in common? Well, they’re all black conservatives. They’ve also been labeled “tokens” and “Uncle Toms” by a vast array of liberals and progressives who refuse to recant theContinue reading “The Philosophical Inconsistenty of Race-Baiting Liberals”

The Sexual Campus Hypocrisy – Sex Workshops and the Rape Culture

The University of Minnesota puts on a “Golden Condom Scavenger Hunt;” Vanderbilt offers sex-ed classes designed to make you a more dynamic lover; Harvard hosts sex-week and anal sex workshops; The University of New Mexico boasts threesome workshops with extensive how-to’s; we’ve also seen the appearance of porn-funded scholarships, and now even the University ofContinue reading “The Sexual Campus Hypocrisy – Sex Workshops and the Rape Culture”

Religion is not the Problem

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, much of the Western world offered a display of solidarity with the French people and the friends and family of those murdered. A quite different reaction, however, was also very common, particularly on social media. Of course, this reaction frequently appears in the wake of what seemsContinue reading “Religion is not the Problem”