Roche Fails to File Pre-Primary Report


At the Carolina Review, we have received evidence that Candidate Frank Roche, Republican primary challenge to incumbent Republican Renee Ellmers has failed to file his pre-primary report to the Federal Election Commission in the race for NC-02.

The letter states that Roche has “four business days” to complete the filing or face “civil penalties, an audit, or other legal actions.” The letter also names Roche as the treasurer of his own campaign committee. While this is legal according to the FEC, it does raise questions as to why he has yet to file his report.

Roche received the notice on April 25, 2014, meaning he has until tomorrow, May 1, at 5 P.M. to file. 



Knife Wielding Suspect Caught on Campus


BREAKING: Today, at UNC Chapel Hill, at approximately 4 P.M. an argument broke out in the student union resulting in a knife being drawn and campus going to lockdown. Several students witnessed the ensuing fight and agreed to speak to the Carolina Review.

The argument began in front of the popular union restaurant the Alpine Bagel, according to Chris Donaldson and Ryan Graves:

“We were studying in the middle of the union. The big guy was waiting in line to pay for his food when the guy with the multicolor aviators, olive jacket, hat, and jeans came in. The two made eye contact and without any words being said the knife guy took his glasses and jacket off and pulled out his pocketknife and switchblade. He told the innocent guy to get the (expletive) out of the building now. One girl told him to watch his language. The knife guy followed the innocent guy out of the union over to Lenoir (Dining hall) which was closed. Ryan and I chased after both of them to make sure nothing happened. We went in the doors of Lenoir and the knife guy was on the left stairs and had the innocent guys cornered on the right stairs. We told the knife guy to stay where he was and the innocent guy to come down the stairs and out the door. The knife guy told us to get the (expletive) out and pointed the switchblade at us. The innocent guy came down the stairs and we walked with him back to the union and the knife guy followed us halfway and was yelling at us and then started walking off up past Davis.”

Katherine Deagan was the girl who shouted at the suspect (via Twitter @katiedeagan)

I said to him “Watch your language bruh.” The crazy guy (suspect) told me to (expletive) off. Crazy guy proceeds to follow victim outside the union and to the bottom of Lenior dining hall. Two students (Chris and Ryan) followed after. They found the victim cornered by the stairs and the “cray” guy with a pocketknife and switch blade. The students (again Chris and Ryan) told victim to follow them (to safety). Victim and students came back to union and the came back to union, and the crazy dude walks past Davis (library).

After returning to the union, the police were called and campus officials jumped into action. Being on the third floor of the union, (Alpine is on the second), I was evacuated to the second floor about five minutes after the sound of the first siren and alert text message at 4:24 P.M. approximately ten minutes after the police were called. For a short period, all students were stationed in the second floor, the quickly moved to the bottom of the union away from windows and doors.

By around 4:35, twenty minutes after the incident, we were all at the bottom of the union. During this time, reports of officers searching the library were coming through and that the suspect was headed towards North Campus/ Franklin Street area. Student Angelica Rankin compared the police presence to a “swat team” combing the library. At 5:10 P.M the official Davis Library twitter account confirmed a police presence.

Around 5:02, reports from the Daily Tar Heel claimed that the suspect was in custody. Concurring reports ten minutes later came flowing in and at 5:12 P.M. WRAL confirmed via twitter that the suspect had been taken into custody in the area around Chapel of the Cross- an Episcopal church that adjoins campus.

The names of the suspect and victim have not been released, nor has motive been established. The all clear was issued 5:18 P.M via text and siren. No injuries were reported in this incident.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 10:30 P.M.,: An email from the office of the Chancellor states:

“I am grateful that today’s incident involving a potentially dangerous person near the Pit ended without injury and with a rapid return to a safe, secure campus. “

It goes on to say:

“Throughout the Alert Carolina siren activation, our Department of Public Safety team responded quickly and effectively. Their professionalism and emphasis on community safety was evident from the time the initial reports came in to the sirens sounding to the “all clear.” I am also proud of our partnership with the Chapel Hill police, and pleased with the timely resolution of this situation.”

Emilio Campaign Responds


The Emilio Vicente Campaign Responds to their platform writer 

I would like to address the statement that one of my former team members posted today. 

Though Ishmael Bishop was once one of the students working on our platform, he has not been an active member of our team in weeks. All of us were surprised and confused by his comments on Facebook today, especially as just a week or so ago, Ishmael posted on his Facebook that Andrew Powell’s “many privileges of race, class and gender won him the (DiPhi) endorsement.” Upon his most recent post, I approached Ishmael and asked to meet to resolve any issues. Ishmael has refused to meet with me. 

While disappointing, none of this changes my determination to fight tuition hikes, stand with survivors of sexual assault, and represent all students in our community’s most important conversations. I entered the SBP race not to gain national attention (or be an identity based candidate) but because I would like to see a Carolina community that is more inclusive, more receptive to all students on campus. If you have any questions, please message me. I do appreciate feedback!


It seems that things are getting interesting in this race…

Vicente Platform Writer Comes Out Against Him


In a shocking turn of events this morning, Vicente platform writer Ishmael Bishop came out against his candidate Emilio Vicente and urged support for Vicente’s opponent Andrew Powell. On his Facebook page, he wrote:

To my fellow Tar Heels, 

Acknowledge that this week will be historic, regardless of the final tally on Tuesday night. This campaign will be written in our history books as having garnered the most national attention than any other Student Body President election. Those who put their bid into the race all started from square one; interacting with the community, collecting signatures, and sharing their idea and vision for UNC in 2014. All but one trusted their staff and the UNC community well enough to win this election without having to seek the appraisal of the New York Times, describing the disadvantages of being a multifaceted oppressed identity. 

This “great race” is not without its many flaws. We are on the verge of voting for an identity of the student body in terms of class, status and sexuality versus voting for the most prepared candidate for the position of Student Body President. How could we trust an individual who is focused on national and federal issues concerning immigration reform rather than our own concerns at UNC without distraction or creating a conflict of interest? We cannot. 

Transparency is key. It is one of the most admirable traits of leadership that an administration can have. From my own experience, working very closely with Emilio’s campaign, I know that he is NOT a transparent character. It is quite clear to me that ultimately Emilio lacks the competence and tact for representing a diverse Carolina for everyone. 

I encourage every student to be thoughtful in their choosing, and to share what they know about each candidate in an open dialogue. For example, if affordability and tuition are your concern, know how each candidate will distinctively approach the issue. Do we have time to wait for a candidate to collect tangible ideas for UNC after having more than six months to prepare? Are we going to stand by and allow this one individual to potentially abuse the seat of Student Body President to thereby advance his premature political activist career? 

Vote Andrew Powell. He has earned his ballot through hard work and innovation. He did not feel the need to put UNC in such a predicament, on a national scale, pressuring our student body to elect a certain candidate with the risk of total embarrassment in the public eye if he were not to be elected. Do not think of this as an attempt to sway your vote, but rather a collective effort to encourage the student body to dig deeper, acknowledging what hasn’t been said enough. Emilio Vicente is not the best candidate for the position of Student Body President at UNC Chapel Hill. 

-A UNC student

When asked by the Carolina Review, Bishop stated he wrote the platform, and he “stood by his story.”

It seems that Bishop, an insider on the campaign, has a problem, that many have, when the media plays identity politics.

Andrew Powell SBP Interview

Campus Life, CRDaily, Elections, Politics, Student Government

CR Daily: Why are you running for Student Body President (SBP)?

Powell: “I am running for SBP because the university is going through a tough time right now and we need some big solutions. Our tuition is increasing, while our funding is being cut, and that puts many of us in a tough bind. UNC has long been a leader in access and affordability. In this new time of challenge, I think it is time for UNC to continue leading. We also have a lot of work to do to address sexual assault on this campus. Currently, I am helping to incorporate One Act training in the new member process for all IFC fraternities. In addition, I believe that I can help with town relations. The town ordinance that only allows for four people to live together is ridiculous, and I intend to work towards changing that.”

CR Daily: What will be some of your main goals while in office?

Powell: “I am unapologetically ambitious when it comes to my goals. We need to use student government to change the way this University serves its students. Change won’t happen by itself, and we need to act to address the big problems on day one in office. The thing is that we already know what the biggest challenges are. We know that tuition, sexual assault, and minority retention are major challenges among many other important ones, and we need a student government that will work to address these problems immediately.”

CR Daily: What distinguishes you from the other SBP candidates?

Powell: “The major thing that separates me from the other candidates is my ideas. For me, it is all about ideas and issues. If I did not truly feel passionately about these things, there is no way that I would run. I am not doing this for my resume. I am running because I what to be effective in my time in office and I want to make a positive impact. While I really admire the other candidates, what I hope will distinguish my platform is the content – it’s full of ideas that will have tangible results.”

CR Daily: What will be your biggest weakness should you be elected Student Body President?

Powell: “My biggest weakness is that I take on too much responsibility by myself. I need to get better at asking for help and delegating tasks early on. My team in the campaign has been incredible, and I feel confident that if elected that my team will help me push big ideas.”

CR Daily: What will be your biggest strength?

Powell: “Honestly I think it’s a unique combination of two things – ambition and persistence. I have a major ambition for change, and I will work with administrative officials to see that change happen. However, I know that change takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work, and I am patient enough to move things through a bureaucratic system. For example, convincing professors and departments to redesign their classes takes a lot of work. But I’ve had good success in the past few years, and we’ve been able to implement a number of blended learning courses. Student performance is up, and feedback from both instructors and students has been positive.”

CR Daily: What are your impressions of our new Chancellor Carol Folt, and how are you planning on working with her administration to accomplish your goals as SBP?

Powell: “I am very impressed with Chancellor Folt. As soon as she arrived, she immediately noticed UNC’s unique culture and special commitment to serving North Carolina, as well as our distinctively high quality, affordable education. In addition, she has pushed for more innovation on campus without missing a beat. As part of the Chancellor’s Student Innovation Team, I have been able to provide input on the Innovation Roadmap, and I can tell she is committed to UNC becoming a world leader in innovation, just as our former Chancellor was.”

CR Daily: What is the one thing about Carolina that you love most?

Powell: “I am always impressed by the people here. They continually committed to solving our biggest problems, and to do that people are always open to considering new ideas.”

CR Daily: Out of all the great people who have contributed to the University over the years, who is your favorite and why?

Powell: “While I don’t know how much he contributed directly to the University, I believe that Andy Griffith embodies the Carolina Way, and so he’s my favorite Tar Heel. Andy Griffith was the quintessential good neighbor. He was honest and caring. He was also an extremely hard worker. And Andy Griffith has brought a ton of joy to my family. My granddad is a huge fan of the show. My granddad is now battling Alzheimer’s, and he still watches Andy Griffith every day. He often watched the same episodes over and over and he laughs every time.”

CR Daily: Who is your favorite President and why?

Powell: “Although this may be folklore, I like Thomas Jefferson for this reason: One day he brought a 500-pound wheel of cheese to the White House lawn. He invited everyone he could to come by and have a piece of cheese and discuss the state of the country with him. I think this symbolizes openness and transparency in an administration, and that is what I have been trying to do – in a much smaller, less cheesy way – with my coffee hours at the Daily Grind.”

CR Daily: UNC has abruptly transformed into Hogwarts.  What House are you and why?

Powell: “I would be in Gryffindor, because like most of the Gryffindors in the book, I try to be a well-rounded scholar as they aspire to be.”

CR Daily: This concludes our interview with Andrew Powell. Thank you for stopping by!

Powell: “Thanks for having me!”