At UNC, not all the books are open

My latest at The News & Observer: “UNC-Chapel Hill needs to be more transparent and stop operating behind closed doors. Last year, media organizations had to file suit against the university for denying the public access to the football program’s records during the NCAA investigations. Recently, as a student journalist, I experienced that same secretive obstinacy.”

UNC Healthcare Costs Shoot Up 54%

The debate over last year’s tuition hike was well publicized, but an increase of a far greater magnitude for students who are covered by the UNC system Pearce & Pearce (now Chartis) health insurance plan hasn’t received nearly the same attention. Dollar-for-dollar, tuition at UNC is going up $695 or 9.9 percent for academic yearContinue reading “UNC Healthcare Costs Shoot Up 54%”

Tunnel of Oppression Countdown: Two Days

Yes, it’s that time of year: time for your RAs to hector you and time for innocent students walking through the Pit to be harangued by UNC’s Right-Thinking and Compassionate People, all in an effort to convince (cajole? browbeat?) you into attending the Tunnel of Oppression. I’m told our ace Tunnel of Oppression correspondent MarcContinue reading “Tunnel of Oppression Countdown: Two Days”