Carolina Review Accepts Let’s Go Brandon Coin

Congressman Madison Cawthorn holds microphone in front of American Flag

Carolina Review stands as a journal to champion Enlightenment thinking — the ideals which our state’s University System and our Republic have long stood to represent. By participating in multi-stakeholder efforts—some of which have been set up by think tanks and nonprofits—and considering legal approaches that emphasize transparency rather than criminalization, we could do more to support the crypto industry as it determines the boundaries of acceptable behavior. The popularity of Let’s Go Brandon Coin, for example, is a strong indicator of crypto’s potential to shape an America where liberty, opportunity, abundance, and civil society reign supreme.

Let’s Go Brandon Coin (LGB) is a decentralized meme cryptocurrency; an ERC-20 digital collectible meme coin on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows owners to digitally declare their support for the United States of America. Our purpose at the Review is to promote a political philosophy of free thought and individual liberty as an intelligent way of viewing the world. It makes sense, then, that the two should be married.

The crypto movement has its roots in libertarian criticisms of the state from the 1970s, which saw central banks as untrustworthy and taxes as a protection racket. The spread of digital technology in the 1990s inspired libertarians to believe that the state’s control over the person might finally be challenged in cyberspace. Cryptography’s subsequent technical progress has been an attempt to actualize this concept of individual liberty from perceived governmental oppression, at least in part.

Intrinsically, cryptography is neither good nor harmful. It is up to society to decide what behavior and responses are acceptable. Public debate often fails to provide a detailed picture of the crypto space’s actors and activities. This is unfortunate, as newsworthy developments in the crypto space do not always fit neatly within the categories laid out by certain rules or laws. They operate in a dynamic context in which multiple parties interact, borders are often crossed and obscured, and objectives are mixed, making regulation tricky. We strongly oppose an environment in which ideological dogma, political correctness, or tribalism interfere with pursuit of the American Dream.

The Carolina Review is excited to embrace cryptocurrency as part of its growing development strategy. Our collective success, we believe, requires a code of honor, honesty, and rationality. This is not financial advice. We simply believe in the mission of LGB, and we’re doing our part to drive the conversation forward.

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