Carolina Review March 2022 Issue

Dear Readers,

The long expected and well overdue day has finally come. Chapel Hill is unmasked. The longest “two weeks” of our lives are over.

Although by the time I arrived at Chapel Hill the worst of Covid-19 had already passed by, I was doubtful that the pandemic policies of the campus would disappear as soon as they did. I wholly expected to be wearing a mask to my classes next Fall. It was very welcome news that the masks, originally intended for only a few weeks, would not last many more months or years into the future.

Spring is now here as well. The weather is warm and the plants are blooming. Our campus, filled now with faces and color, looks the best it has this year. A rejuvenating Spring break has lifted our spirits and we have passed the halfway mark of the semester.

As you enjoy these wonderful days at Chapel Hill, the staff of Carolina Review offers you this magazine. Inside, you will see a review of the Covid-19 pandemic by Nate Gibson as well as Devin Lynch’s personal experiences with the ending mask mandate. You will read in my own article about the wonders of the classics. Kristen Snyder will teach you about the upcoming midterm elections and Nate Gibson will discuss the threats which media technology poses to us, and both of them will write follow up pieces next month. From Elijah Parish, you will get a thoughtful reflection on the ideologies of the conservative movement. And last but not least, Grant Lefelar will demonstrate how our administration’s inability to fix the Old Well is symbolic of deeper institutional problems. We hope you enjoy our magazine!


Lux Libertas,


Erik Hanson, Editor-in-Chief

Carolina Review March 2022

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