From the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

As you may know, Carolina Review’s editor-in-chief, Bryson Piscitelli, resigned from the publication. He is now working with Carolina Coalition, a collection of students who, as senators in our student government, want to be the servants and stewards of our great university.

I want first to thank Bryson for his leadership of Carolina Review. In the short time that I have been a part of this publication, the Review under Bryson has exploded in staff. Our magazines have grown in size. We have had the likes of Paul Newby and Mark Robinson advocating for us, helping us fundraise over $60,000. 

But before my time he did even more. He breathed life into the Review on its deathbed. He gave it vigor, ambition, and grew it even through the covid pandemic, even though UNC had become a ghost town. He put our magazines into the hands of readers like yourself by setting up distribution boxes on campus. He did this even as vandals defaced the Review’s property, and as hackers took down our website and slandered his name. It is upon us, the Carolina Review staff, to continue the journey he began.

Regarding other campus events, as the Spring semester comes into full swing, student body elections are upon us. This year, as you may be aware, a large number of the students on the ballot are members of the Carolina Coalition, a new group dedicated to your interests. Not to their own interests. Not to the typical far-left interests for which the whole university seems to stand. They advocate for you, you who enjoys going to sporting events, is a member of Greek life, is tired of Covid-theater, or simply wants an enjoyable college experience.

As for the future of the Review, I am now serving as editor-in-chief. The Carolina Review staff will continue delivering to you your monthly journal of conservative thought for as long as we are blessed with this privilege. On behalf of CR we thank you for your support.

And we hope you enjoy our magazine!


Lux Libertas,

Erik Hanson


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