American Liberalism: The New Communism

By Kristen Snyder, Staff Writer

This article was originally featured in our November 2020 magazine, (p.19) released 30 November 2020, which you can view here.

Example of “good-think”, c.a. 2020

American freedom is under attack. If you don’t agree, look closely at how things have changed. Our country was founded with the fundamental intent of freedom of speech, the most highly-regarded right in America. However, many on the left today do not see these freedoms as a gift. Rather, they see them as a catalyst for differing ideologies that may leave them powerless. Their resolution to this “problem” is to stifle those that use their freedom with Cancel Culture. It is long past time to recognize that Cancel Culture is a cancer to society perpetuated by the left that aims to instill communist values into the American public, annihilating deviating opinions through violence and ostracism; thus, creating a tyrannical omnipotent force seeking to drown out others and usurp control of the United States.

To fully understand how Cancel Culture is plaguing the United States, it is necessary to understand the concept itself and its origin. Accord to Rachel Greenspan, Lisa Nakamura at Princeton University describes Cancel Culture as a “boycott” of certain individuals or institutions that the members of society consider too unworthy to be further permitted in society.

The process of “canceling” grew popular in 2016 with the inauguration of President Trump and the success of the Republicans and the Senate. For all the tolerance the left claims to spread, their attacks toward the opposition after the 2016 election often do not echo their values. “Racist”, “sexist”, and “homophobic”, were just some of the few repulsive names that many conservatives have been called.

Although many conservatives seek reform through traditional values such as family and religion, it was not uncommon to see a Trump rally roar with enthusiasm when Trump bragged of the lowest unemployment rate among African-Americans or praised Diamond and Silk for their job well done. Furthermore, conservatives seemed to accept and promote the causes of conservative LGBT individuals. Romika Annabell, a YouTuber, captured Trump supporters following Ricky Rebel, a gay singer-songwriter activist, to Beverly Hills to participate in the Trump rally singing a “MAGA remix” of the YMCA. Although conservatives are often tolerant, they are condemned for their beliefs regardless. Conservatives and Trump supporters are frequently “cancelled” for their opinions, letting the left restrain their voice in American politics.

In addition to being ostracized online for their political views shared on social media, conservatives experience violence and hate offline as well. From the case in Park City captured by Angelica Alavarez of protestor maliciously pepper-spraying a high school auditorium to prevent a Turning Point event, to a liberal striking the pro-life advocates in the pit of Chapel Hill, it has now become an act of rebellion for conservatives to share their viewpoints or simply wear the “red hat.” It comes down to the true rationale for the violence and ostracism, it is not enough to simply dismiss another viewpoint if you desire eradication. The left must instill fear to truly “cancel” out the silent majority of conservatives.

The act of “canceling” has become a national movement among liberals within the
United States. Radical left organizations such as Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Movement have targeted cities across the country with domestic terrorism. While Antifa has always been a violent organization protesting any conservative presence, The Black Lives Matter Movement closely followed in its footsteps. Yaron Steinbuch recalls Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the BLM movement, confessing herself and other BLM leaders to be “trained Marxists.” This would make a lot of sense with their support towards the actions of BLM protestors who smash windows, loot stores, burn flags and police cars, and physically harass Trump supporters, conservatives, and police officers. The Associated Press reported that Portland, Oregon has experienced riots almost every night to the point where the city is almost destroyed and the National Guard was brought in to protect what’s left. No matter what the political leaning of the building owner, many establishments were brought to the ground. The truth of the matter is that “cancelling” has become a fear tactic of the left to slowly drain the life of the American freedom that the founders intended.

The problem with Cancel Culture is not only that it seeks to control the will of others, but also that it demands tyrannical reform. Liberals have taken it upon themselves to not only strip conservatives of their beliefs, but also educate conservatives as to the “intelligent” way of thinking. Joy Pullman describes how liberal teachers and professors have consistently lowered students’ grades or counseled them until they are brought around to thinking the “correct” way.

Cancel Culture has begun to plague our history too. Totalitarianism dictates that everything of the opposition must go. Not only its people, or their thoughts, but also those objects that invade the minds and feelings of the opposition. Is cultural eradication not exactly what the left is doing? The BLM Movement and other leftists have demanded that historical statues and artwork be removed because they promote “hate.” The left has invaded history classes, deeming what should be lingered on or skipped altogether. This reform in education stemming from Cancel Culture is not only supported by leftists, but also across the board of Democratic officials.

In 2018, Jamie Ehrlich documented Maxine Waters calling for leftist protestors to harass members of the Trump administration when seen in public. Other leaders of the Democratic Party have contributed to this cancellation movement. Nancy Pelosi is no exception; the ending of President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address was ended with Pelosi ripping a copy of his speech behind him. Although the President had made many calls for unity in the speech between all races and all walks of life, the goal of the Speaker of the House was to ensure that the President knew he was still “cancelled” in the eyes of the Democratic party no matter his strives towards peace. Morgan Phillips reported that Chuck Schumer follows in Pelosi’s footsteps indicating that with a Democratic majority in the Senate, he would support an end to the Constitutionally protected filibuster, preventing Republicans from blocking Democratically promoted legislation. The actions taken by liberal leadership demonstrates their totalitarian will end the right roadblock that hinders their usurpation of power.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has vowed to finally bring an end to the conservative moment. Writers at Politico followed AOC’s campaign for conservative elimination which was promoted by many liberals under the Trump Accountability Project. Their goal was to “cancel” those that supported the President or took a paycheck from him by using “call-out culture,” harassment, or ostracism to instill fear and suppression of conservative voices. Although the project’s website has been taken down, the idea behind it still lives on with the Democratic leaders who remain in office and originally deemed the project necessary.

From the suppression and ostracism of Cancel Culture, one can draw close connections to Communist values and totalitarianism. Karl Marx used the strategy of defining a common enemy to develop a unified hatred of the people toward the Bourgeoisie. He labeled them as the oppressor and claimed that violence and killing was the only way to rid the common man from their oppression. Marx determined that the abolition of the Bourgeoisie would need to be extensive, eliminating their kind and their way of life. This objective would be completed with Marx’s ten steps executing the following: higher taxes, the abolition of private property and rights of inheritance, centralization of communication and monetary gain towards the state, and intervention in education. Seem familiar? It is almost identical to the Democratic platform. Aside from Democrats openly supporting communism, whether they realize it or not, communism is the new movement of the left. This is not another hippie fad that the United States is experiencing; communism within the United States is real, and it has disguised itself as liberalism and the Democratic Party.

So, liberals, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Try to forget that the very people that you cancelled could have shown you the way to freedom; but instead, you weaved yourself into a tapestry of lies. Please enjoy the endless fear that you might one day be the target of violence and Cancel Culture you created. For my fellow conservatives, don’t let the fight end. Perhaps we experience a loss, but the heart of the silent majority will continue to beat stronger every day. We know that the Republic is supported by free thought and the combination of deviating opinions. The moment we give in is the moment that the seeds of communism develop into a great tree in America. Do not let yourselves be canceled. Keep Making America Great.

Kristen Snyder is a freshman majoring in Peace, War, and Defense. She is from Indian Trail, NC.

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