Dwayne Dixon: UNC Professor/Armed Antifa Radical

On Wednesday, students and faculty gathered outside of the South Building to protest a white nationalist rally that never materialized. The latest spokesman for Leftist hysteria on campus, Asian Studies professor Dwayne Dixon was in attendance to address the crowd. Dixon was apparently arrested last summer for two misdemeanors during his involvement at a protest in Durham for “having a weapon at a public assembly or rally and going armed to the terror of people” The Herald Sun reported. The Sun also quoted Major Paul Martin of the Durham County Police Department as saying that Dixon had brought multiple magazines of ammunition to the protest. Dixon was also present and armed with a semiautomatic rifle at the protest in Charlottesville, something he later bragged about in a Facebook post, and was confronted about by reporters for the Right-wing news site Big League Politics. Dixon is also a member of the Antifa branch, Redneck Revolt, which describes itself as an “anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense.” The group, advocates on behalf of violence and revolution.facebook postredneckrevolt

(Photo Credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Dixon can’t possibly be an academic while trying to intimidate political opponents with a weapon. He promotes the use of force to advance his political agenda and his conduct brings shame to the University and certainly violates the public’s trust. It’s high time we started acting like an institution that worked for the betterment of North Carolinians instead of funding fringe Left-wing intellectuals who promote revolutionary identity politics. UNC’s purpose is to serve our state and her people by educating students to be good citizens through free and open discourse. A university is meant to be a bastion of rational thought and the preservation of knowledge. Dixon seems to think that it is perfectly acceptable to go around wielding an assault rifle to intimidate people who say things he doesn’t like. How can UNC claim to be a place that respects our right to question and debate ideas when it subsidizes the career of someone who clearly doesn’t share that value? It’s absolutely absurd that this phony fear-monger remains on the payroll. I wonder what the taxpayers of North Carolina would think if they knew that their money was funding the career of this tough-guy-role-playing radical.

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  2. Pingback:Dwayne Dixon: UNC Professor/Armed Antifa Radical – Zachary Kosnitzky

  3. Antifa Thugs Reply

    This POS illegally brought a rifle to Charlottesville and chased the driver who ultimately plowed into people trying top get away.

    • Eric Reply

      Listen he has the 1st and 2nd ammendment just like we all do. I don’t like what he is saying either but it is his to say. As long as he teaches to NC curriculum standards and the text I am fine with him teaching there.
      Now with that said please bring your terrorist, communist ass to a rally with a weapon and threaten violence upon your opposition. I’m sure they would be happy to defend themselves and let the streets run red protecting this country.

      That is what the country was founded on. Please everyone let it stay that way. When we want to take away someone’s speech or guns because we don’t believe in the same things makes us no better then them.

      • Kathy A.

        I agree totally about the First Amendment. It was intended to protect offensive speech and is the foundation for a free society. But a teacher who uses the classroom for recruiting purposes, especially for a radical group which disturbs the public peace and destroys public property, is crossing the line. At the very least, such a professor should be reprimanded by the university. Jay Schalin elaborates in his article at the Martin Center, “actions [like] waving a gun around at protests—very much imply a real and imminent threat…why should the people of North Carolina be forced to subsidize and provide platforms for those who would do them harm?… Employing Dixon is analogous to hiring a member of the Ku Klux Klan… teaching at a public university is not a right; it is a privilege contingent upon one’s qualifications and good character….This practice of providing terroristic radicals on the political left with sinecures and launching pads for their political aims must end; doing so is not the same thing as maintaining the campus as a place of open inquiry, with academic freedom given to those with dissenting opinions. As Russell Kirk wrote, ‘we are not compelled to extend freedom to those who would subvert freedom.'”

    • Dave Williams Reply

      This infuriates me to think we have an idiot that promotes radical violent protest is on the payroll of our tax payer supported University. . Is the administration so stupid to think that he doesn’t try to indoctrinate his students with his warped and violent agenda. .He is a cancer on the UNC System that will only grow if not removed at once. .

  4. Markin Balcor Reply

    I believe that belonging to a group advocating the overthrow of the government is still a disqualifier for possessing firearms,just saying ATF.Since this guy is a communist that certainly qualifies…

  5. Anne Carson Foard Reply

    So glad to know that The Carolina Review of Conservative Thought exists. I hope you will be very vocal in coming days about the recent antifa violence at my alma mater, UNC.

  6. Fred Mohn Reply

    How does one as Mr Dixon get hired in the first place. What are his qualifications to teach at UNC st the expense of our tax dollars?

  7. Brenda Hayes Reply

    So the university put out a statement that says they don’t condone violence or any illegal acts….I call BS!! They encourage these acts by the courses they teach, the professors they hire, their liberal/communist/socialist agenda they push. As a NC resident, I am ashamed of them.

  8. Albert I Hartkopf Reply

    At least one of those in the picture, kneeling with black glasses, was present at the toppling of the statue in Durham. Not to panic, but they are organized, motivated, and armed. It is time to treat the seriously, but our various agencies are wholly unprepared and/or unwilling.

  9. Will Reply

    Like the Second Amendment says defend against foreign government or terrorist of our own .

  10. Clay Diggs Reply

    Dixon – if you’re still there YOU are a fascist piece of filth. continue going to rallies armed and you’re going to run into the wrong person who will take up your offer and your liberal indoctrination won’t protect you from the beatdown you’re due.

  11. Brenton Blythe Reply

    Hey North Carloina your dumbass leaders just fried your future for getting good students and any support from alumni You just don’t get it do you ? your University has been taken over by a planned. Subversive group it’s no wonder you had a riot you are a Boot Camp for. Terrorists

  12. Kathy Arab Reply

    Obviously, some semblance of reason and respectability remains at my alma mater, as this article expresses. Dwayne Dixon needs to be fired! I pray that UNC officials will have the courage to take him to task. Keep up the excellent stand for honor and legitimate education, Carolina Review!

  13. Skinc Reply

    THis is whats putting thought and advocating thinking a UNC Chapel Hill. Dixon is going down. Ps: you need a better army. Lame is what your photo stands for.

  14. Logan C Reply

    Zach, great article I remember you from Granville. Really awesome thoughts you have. Conservatism has no voice on the campus so I’m glad someone is speaking up for us! Keep up the good work my brother

  15. Big Bob Reply

    Tarheel parents, you should be very afraid that people like this can be employed by a public university to educate your children. You’re Fired, Dwayne! (Famous quote from your president, Donald J. Trump.

    • Highpockets Reply

      Highpockets and BCU understand. Back in The USA. We go to work. I think its open season on Terrorist in the USA. We will monitor.

    • Gina Reply

      Heather died of a congenital heart defect while crossing the street. She was not struck by the car. If you want to attach murder to Dixon then how about the two officers that died when their helicopter crashed.
      Please don’t misread my comments as being leftist. I’m so far from that. 100% Patriot and 2A all the way.

  16. Joseph A. McKinney Reply

    This is scary. I really hope this guy isn’t still employed by UNC- Chapel Hill. If he is, then they have blood on their hands. From everything I’ve read, it appears to me that this guy scared James Fields and is directly responsible in Heather Heyer’s death.

  17. Peter Stephens Reply

    The only Truth a Marxist knows, are their lies! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  18. Seamans Gully Reply

    Well if these little people think they can affect change, it will only be a sudden cessation of their lineage.

  19. Johnny Two Tokes (@Johnny_Two_Toke) Reply

    That will be a Short Firefight. Please Bring your Spikes lower to my Rally. I have one of those too. Legal SBR w/ Suppressor.
    You’re wishful thinking about “Running Someone Off” is a Farce at best and a Blatant lie at worse. An AR against an Automobile? You got to be fucking Kidding. Go back to your Mommy’s Basement. Let the Adults do the Adulting

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