Lesson Learned?


By Editor-In-Chief Frank Pray

Displaying grace in defeat is an important skill. Over the course of the last few days, the Left has displayed an almost total lack of it. Sure, there are some who may exemplify how to lose with dignity and class, but from what my Facebook news feed and college campus have shown me, most simply haven’t gained that skill set.

Do you know why Donald Trump won? It’s not because anyone thought he is particularly gifted. He’s no more politically skilled than your average politician. No one loved most of his policies, either. Conservatives certainly didn’t see him as some icon of our principles. No, it’s because President-Elect Trump represents the ultimate ‘screw you,’ the American people’s Trump Card, if you will, to the Left.

Let’s not forget that it was this left that has, for 8 years, said that every person who disagrees with them, the entire right side of the political spectrum, half of America, is a racist, sexist bigot. It is the Left, that for most of recent memory, has been filled with individuals who assume their intellectual counterparts on the right don’t just disagree, but are actually evil. People like Hillary Clinton, like many students here at UNC, have displayed an extraordinary inability to reach across the political spectrum, to listen to understand, and to dialogue until a mutually agreeable compromise is reached.

The shortsightedness, the shallowness of this approach simply cannot be stressed enough. It’s wrong, and in 2018, if the Left doesn’t stop this nonsense, if they don’t learn the painful lesson this election taught, then the Democratic Party will lose another 6 seats in the senate. Their losses will continue until the Left stops demonizing over half the nation by saying they want terrible things for those around them.

We conservatives have news for you, friends on the Left. We aren’t sexist. We all have women we love and want the best for in our lives. We aren’t racist, we all have people of color and various ethnic and racial backgrounds that we love and care about in our lives. And we aren’t bigots. Following our faith as it is actually written doesn’t mean we hate any group of people, in fact, we do all things in regards to faith out of sacrificial love. So please, stop with this nonsense.

As a Republican, as a conservative, and as a man who cast a ballot for President-Elect Donald J Trump, I fervently yearn for the day when America has two political parties that both truly want the best for all American citizens, rather than writing off over half the nation, a group of mostly good, nice, loving people, as deplorable racist, sexist bigots. I yearn for the day when the Democratic Party learns to debate, disagree, and compromise, again. I yearn for them to learn their lesson. On that day, America will truly be great again.

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