President-Elect Donald J. Trump


By Editor-in-Chief Frank Pray

They said he couldn’t do it. I said he couldn’t do it. We were wrong.

Today, we enter a new week with our nation moving in a vastly different direction than our course over the last 8 years. The American people soundly rejected President Obama’s legacy by rejecting Hillary Clinton. Instead, they have chosen to alight on a new path, an uncharted path. Our friends on the Left may be despondent this week, crying out that our path will lead to hate, but it is up to us to ensure it does not. We must fight, shout, advocate for the conservative policies President-Elect Trump promised. We must ensure our Congressmen work with President Trump to enact tax reform, welfare reform, new pro-life laws, laws to curb illegal immigration, and laws to make our nation, and our people, prosperous again.

Only time will tell what the legacy of President Donald Trump will be, but if the conservative colleagues I have on this campus are any indication, we will work to make his legacy, our legacy, an incredibly positive one.

Congratulations, President-Elect Trump. We’re all rooting for you now.

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