It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later

By: Associate Editor Ana Delgado

Not only is this the last set of blogs from the 2015-16 school year, it’s my last post from Berlin! Currently, I’m surrounded by open suitcases, a messy room, and the people I’ve spent the last four months with. Leaving is completely bittersweet. I have made this huge, intimidating, and cold city my home. I have made these strangers my best friends. And when the sun is finally coming out and the language is starting to make sense, I have to leave. However, I look forward to going back to the southern part of heaven with my family. I miss ranch, hushpuppies, Merritt’s, my dogs… I have honestly, above all, learned how many beautiful and different fragments people are made up of. There is no use in discrediting peoples’ likes, political views, or wants- somewhere there’s probably a huge similarity. People are allowed to like ripped black jeans AND pearls. They’re allowed to like  kale AND all-beef burgers. And that’s really cool. Experiences change people… it doesn’t make them hypocrites! Let’s start embracing what someone learned in a class, in study abroad, or from a peer, not shunning it. As for me, I cannot wait to come back to this incredible city some day (and with some new knowledge in my brain)!

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