Dress to Impress

By: Staff Writer Grace Timothy


Retrieved via Grace Timothy

The way people dress can show a lot about their personality. I believe it goes even further than that. I think it gives insight into a person’s work ethic and attention to detail. First impressions are huge in the corporate world, and the way someone is dressed can influence how they are perceived. For example, an interviewee only has a brief period of time to explain who they are, and why they are more qualified than other applicants. Someone who knows how to put a professional outfit together that still gives them flare will definitely be noticed more than someone who did not try to show some of their personality through their outfit. There is a quote by Tom Ford that says, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” This is completely true. Even for events outside of the corporate world, it is important to be well dressed. You never know whom you will meet or see while you’re out, and it will never produce a bad reputation to be the one who always looks nice. Even in a large crowd of businesswomen and businessmen, all wearing professional suits, it is possible to stand out and look more put-together and fashionable than others. Fashion is a way to be unique and to separate oneself from others. People also admire those who are more fashionable. It gives those who are well dressed an air of confidence and makes them a role model of appearance. Dressing to impress is more important than most people realize. The way people present themself is directly correlated to the first impression others derive from them.

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