The Importance of Taking a Break

By: Staff Writer Grace Timothy

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The simple luxuries of reading a book of my own choice or going hiking on a beautiful day seem to have been stolen from me. To participate in one of my favorite leisurely activities, I must sacrifice some part of my academic or job-finding success, or at least that is what it feels like as of late. Between going to school, working, being active in extra-curriculars and the meticulous hunt to find a summer internship, it seems there is never a break to take time to actually live. There is always something due and once that is completed, another deadline is quickly approaching, which is the way life works. However, with so many different and spread out responsibilities it feels a bit overwhelming. Though it is sometimes tough to keep on top of everything, it is easy to let the stress of it take over your life. It is easy to get in the zone of doing one thing after the other and constantly denying yourself the little activities you enjoy because you prioritize other tasks before doing something for yourself. Personally, I love to write and I love to create, but I found myself not being able to create content I was pleased with because my mind was so absorbed in how I would find time to handle all of my responsibilities. I have always been excellent with time management and even multitasking, but junior year has really put these skills to the test. Despite constantly being busy, giving myself some time helps me work and create better. Scheduling in time to take a mental break is important to create and execute quality work. It does not have to be much time. Just thirty minutes to take a jog or do some crafts will help clear the mind, which in turn will distress and allow it to think more broadly and creatively. Doing something for yourself will also help you dive into your work more focused because the self-pity of being swamped will not be as relevant. Your mind will also have a fresher approach to problem solving once you have taken a step back. In today’s crazy world that never sleeps, we need to remember as a society that taking small breaks here and there will actually enhance the quality and outcome of our work.

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