5 Reasons to Hate Dook (As If We Needed Them)

Last night’s game probably left us all with heartbreaks stronger than those we felt the first time our crush stopped liking us. Here, in Berlin, the game came on at 3 AM and we (the UNC crew abroad!) watched and cheered along a laptop computer- despite having midterms at 9 in the morning. We left feeling sad and almost empty… We weren’t even able to console ourselves with Bski’s or Sup Dogs. The hatred we feel for Dook just kept escalating and the only consolation to our loss was that we get to Carolina and they have to go… there.

As if we all don’t hate that horrible school enough, here’s some extra reasons to be thankful you don’t go there:

  1. Roy > Coach K. SERIOUSLY. No contest at all. Roy is perfect in every way and Coach K constantly looks like your bitter uncle that’s still taking women to dates at mini golf courses at 47.
  2. Dook students do too much body and face paint. Chill. We know Tar Heels are more attractive without you needing to camouflage yourselves.
  3. Brag. Brag brag. Brag brag brag brag. Brag brag. My summer house in the Hamptons. Brag.
  4. Southern accents > Northern accents: “Welcome to Duke, the University of New Jersey at Durham.”
  5. Michal Jordan didn’t pick them 🙂

Ah… That felt good. Procrastinating looking over notes for my second midterm of the day to write that was completely worth it. Remember readers, Dook is puke and win or lose, it’s ALWAYS a GREAT day to be a TAR HEEL!

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