The Passing of Justice Scalia

By: Associate Editor Alec Dent


Picture Credit: Google Images

This past week we saw longtime Supreme Court Justice and American icon Antonin Scalia pass away. Justice Scalia was a respected judge appointed under Reagan, and a consistent supporter of original interpretation of the Constitution. Over the years, he developed a reputation for being the wittiest and most interesting writer of Supreme Court opinions. He managed to make the opinions he penned entertaining even to those not in the legal profession, regardless of how mundane the subject material may have been. During his time on the bench, Justice Scalia was written about in law review articles more frequently than any of the other eight justices, but his influence extended beyond the legal realm. In an age in which not many Americans can name any Supreme Court justice, Scalia was fairly well known. After news of his passing reached the public, Justice Scalia became a trending topic on Twitter. The messages were polar, with some expressing sadness over his passing while others (in incredibly poor taste) expressed glee.

Now, the question of his replacement has been raised. President Obama has expressed a desire to fill Scalia’s seat during his final months in office, and Republicans have expressed a desire to wait until the next president is in office to pick the new justice. The debate over what to do next will undoubtedly go on for months. Regardless of which side comes out on top, Justice Scalia will be sorely missed, and though his seat will eventually be filled, nobody can ever replace him.

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