Why the SB 50 Commercials Were Just Fine

By: Staff Writer Nathan Cole

Naral, a pro-choice advocacy group whose Twitter account pretty much typifies every college-aged, self-described feminist you’ve ever met, had a real fun time ruining people’s Twitter feed during the Super Bowl ads.

Since people in favor of watching the usually hit-or-miss commercials or the extravagant insanity that is the halftime show, Naral decided to hashtag different commercials with how well those commercials aligned with their political views. I’m serious. Go check their tweets; they used the hashtag #MediaWeLike for media that they liked, and #NotBuyingIt for commercials that weren’t completely in line with their political principles.

Here’s a list of the commercials they didn’t like:

  • Hyundai “First Date” and “Ryan Reynolds”
  • Audi “Commander”
  • Doritos “Ultrasound”

If you didn’t see some of these, it’s probably best that you watch them first, because honestly, all of them are great commercials.

Hyundai’s “First Date” commercial also ruffled some feminist feathers over at Naral. Apparently the hilarious trope of an overprotective father during his daughter’s first date isn’t acceptable any more, especially when Kevin Hart’s insanity-embracing performance calls back to the hilarity of that Bad Boys 2 scene with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. But no, it’s now “taking away your daughter’s autonomy,” instead of laughing at how ridiculous Kevin Hart is acting as a quite literal helicopter parent. Because humor is now sexist.

Hyundai went 0-2 in Naral’s scorebook again, after two ladies were distracted while they drove through what I can only describe as Ryan Reynolds-ville. Naral flipped their collective lids on this one (“In [Hyundai’s] world, women are bad drivers who get distracted by the mere sight of a man,” as if Ryan Reynolds is an ordinary man), and all they leave me to do is ask: would you be this angry if those were two men driving and they were distracted by Kate Upton? Probably, but you wouldn’t be angry about how men supposedly being bad drivers. You’d be angry about how the commercial objectifies women. Make up your mind, already, instead of just changing the narrative.

One of the commercials that I thought was amazing was the Audi commercial about the retired astronaut. Naral thought it was disgusting; “you couldn’t find a single female astronaut to feature in your ad?” First off, what’s wrong with having a veteran male astronaut in this ad? Correct me if I’m wrong, but historically, the majority, if not entirety of astronauts who went to the moon were male. At the same time, who really cares? All the viewers get in this commercial is a son reconnecting with his father and his father’s experiences, and that is an example of a healthy father-son relationship that men in this country need to see.

The last commercial, Doritos’ “Ultrasound,” also drew a lot of heat from our good friends at Naral. Apparently saying that your product is so good that even children in the womb want some of it is “anti-choice” because it “humanizes fetuses.” Come on, now, Naral, be reasonable here. That is a fully formed child in that ultrasound, and those tropes of an “uptight mom” and “dads as clueless” are conjured up out of thin air at best. What mom wouldn’t be uptight about her husband casually snacking on Doritos while their unborn child can be seen on a screen? Furthermore, what dad wouldn’t think it was hilarious that the baby inside his wife wants the snack that he’s eating? Call me a proud dad if my unborn child ever did that.

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