I Just Can’t Escape the Bernie Hoopla

By: Associate Editor Ana Delgado

I have been abroad in Berlin for a full month! My classes are super interesting, my friends are incredible, my trips have been unforgettable (although I wish I could erase the memory of crashing a Vespa on the streets of Rome), and everything I have tasted has been delicious! I honestly cannot even begin to explain how amazing this city is! Being immersed in such rich history and culture has been an incredibly humbling experience.

But I must admit, some things are not too different from Chapel Hill. The Bernie mania has followed me! I walked into class this week to a room full of ecstatic liberal college-goers chanting about the close race between Clinton and Sanders. As I quietly put my bag down, placed my laptop on the desk, and flipped up the screen, all eyes were on me. I guess people that “feel the Bern” were not too fond of my Reagan, Rubio, and pro-gun stickers. I was questioned and interrogated as to why I believed the things I do, and I must say, gosh it felt like I was home again!

I love Carolina, and I love debates. But it is a bubble of liberal ideology that is not representative of the country. I feel like I am in the same scenario here. My program is amazing and I am uber thankful to be here. But I feel like I am in a bubble of beliefs. Most of the students participating in this program are left-wing individuals that are not quite representative of the U.S. (or of older Democrats, for that matter).

Despite being gone for some fabulous Carolina spring traditions, I will not be missing any of the liberal frenzy- it has followed me half way across the country! Wish me luck!

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