The Truth About Social Welfare

Conservatives and members of the Republican party  are constantly criticized for their small government/no handouts views. We are called inhumane, unsympathetic, and cold. Is this the truth? Are Conservatives truly sitting in dimly lit room, smoking cigars, and plotting the extraction of the socio-economically poor? NO! Liberals have to note the difference between a social welfare state and socialist one before making accusations and attacking characters. For example, let’s take a look at the Affordable Care Act: those that did not want (and could not afford) healthcare were forced to take on a plan and were monetarily penalized. THIS is where Conservatives disagree with the initiative- because Americans are being stripped of their right to choose whether they want to partake in healthcare or not by the Government. However, liberals frame this saying that Conservatives are “anti-poor.” This is simply not true. There is not a single Conservative that will tell you one person deserves a good more than another. Once people can realize what rights their Constitution outlines, and that the Republicans are the ones upholding it, their views about social welfare may just become a little more informed.

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