The Ever Left-Leaning Media

Hello all,

What did everyone think of the CNBC debate? I was quite pleased to see a united conservative front take on the liberal moderators. It is no secret that the media tends to always lean left. According to POLITICO, “Top journalists from The New York Times, NBC News and CNN acknowledged Wednesday that, generally speaking, the national media have a liberal bias.” I do not think this comes as a shock to us, but as college students we must understand and see it. Since we were children, we have been told that news outlets are credible sources… but is that true when it comes to politics? How many times have you seen an issue framed in such a way that a conservative answer could ever be taken correctly? News outlets should be objective, but they are not. As Republican candidate Marco Rubio put last night, “the Democrats have the ultimate Super PAC — it’s called the mainstream media.” I could not have said it better myself. As students, we must understand that not one single reporter or channel will disclose political events without a certain prejudice. My suggestion for all my fellow Tar Heels as we go forward with the primaries, and later the general election, is to trust nothing and not take any reporter’s word. Do your own research! Make your own opinion! Do NOT allow yourself to be the liberal media’s puppet. Do NOT allow the liberal media to vicariously cast ITS vote on YOUR ballot!

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