February 2015 Issue

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Issue No. 4

Cover: The Future of Modern Conservatism

Features: We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers by Alex Montgomery;

Conservative Roots and Adaptations for a New Generation by Daniel Sifredo;

How Conservatives are Winning Millenials by Christina Kresser;

Fusionism: The Legacy of President Ronald Reagan by Frank Pray;

Conservatives Should Support Same-Sex Marriage by Peter McClelland;

Net Neutrality: An Overview by Grace Timothy;

The Libertarian Take on Immigration by Patrick Slinger;

Disappearing Dads and the Social Crisis of Fatherlessness by Christopher Arnold;

Happiness and Virtue by David Ortiz, Editor Emeritus;

Looking Towards 2016 by Jackson Valentine, Managing Editor.

Editor-in-Chief: Francis C. Pray, III

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