“Clean” Energy Companies Don’t Seem to Care for the Environment

Due to the temperatures in the South this week, I thought it would be appropriate to look into clean energy and its effects on global warming, or cooling. Let’s just call it climate change for now.

The most popular clean energy source among proponents is wind power because it seems to be the most clean, with relatively low environmental impact. Ignoring the low energy output that these windmills produce, we can see that this is not the case. The Smithsonian magazine estimates that somewhere between 140,000 and 328,000 birds die each year from collisions with wind turbines. It seems a little odd that nature-loving environmentally conscious people would seem inclined towards something that actually causes the deaths of thousands of animals a year.

Another environmental impact that these windmills have comes from their need for lots of land. This land also has to be cleared so the wind can come to the windmills uninterrupted, and so they can operate at maximum efficiency. What does this mean then? Preferably, we would only set them up where the land is already clear, but since they are incapable at operating efficiently enough to provide for the world’s power needs, we have to clear land. Sometimes this is unprotected forests, which while wrong does not compare to something like clearing a Danish nature reserve to make space for windmills in 2011.

The point is, these “clean” energy windmills have as much incentive to destroy the planet as oil and gas companies do. They’ve shown a lack of concern for the environment and only a desire to profit by clearing forests and killing hundreds of thousands of birds each year. If the environment isn’t what they’re after, then it leaves very little else for them to pursue. We should be focused on new technologies to make clean energy. We shouldn’t be looking at technologies that have proved themselves inefficient and overall harmful to the environment.