A Step In the Wrong Direction

By Frank Pray

About two weeks ago, this publication broke the news that Chancellor Folt and the Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor held a “Diversity” dinner that excluded conservative student groups.  The story gained national traction and the author, Frank Pray, met with the Chancellor.  To Folt’s credit, she scheduled another diversity dinner (that ended up being a luncheon due to inclement weather) with a full range of perspectives present.  In addition, she pledged that she would work towards making Carolina a place that truly holds up to its goal of intellectual diversity. Unfortunately, the administration is already falling short.

Yesterday afternoon, an email went out to the entire University announcing the selection of individuals for a Search Committee to aid in finding a successor to Karen Gil, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Out of curiosity, our friends over at the College Republicans researched the voter registrations of the individuals selected for the committee and, to their surprise, found that 60% are registered Democrats and 33.33% are unaffiliated. Of the unaffiliated individuals, all but one had voted in a Democratic primary and lean liberal. Not one member of the committee has voted in a Republican primary in the last 5 elections or registered as a Republican.  A full list of the individuals on the committee as well as their registrations can be found here.

This begs the question, just how seriously is Chancellor Folt taking her promise to foster an atmosphere of intellectual diversity on our campus?  A little over a week and a half ago, she pledged to Frank Pray, Editor-in-Chief of this publication and current Chairman of the College Republicans, and Peter McClelland, Chairman Emeritus of the College Republicans and Speaker Pro Tempore of Student Congress, to strive to avoid the exclusion of conservative voices in the future, and now, she allows the selection of the next Dean to proceed bereft of all conservative influence.

We want to believe the Chancellor when she says that she wants to make Carolina a place with diverse viewpoints, but actions like this speak louder than her words. With a committee for the selection of the dean comprised entirely of left-leaning faculty and students, we can’t expect anything but the unacceptable status quo. So, we again call on the Chancellor to make good on the promise to fulfill Carolina’s claim as a bastion of intellectual diversity, this time by reevaluating this committee, adding conservative voices, and ensuring that all her students, from conservative to liberal, will be represented by the next Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

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  1. Christopher Arnold Reply

    The explanation here is easy. There were no conservative or Republican faculty members to be found. 😀

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