Conservative of the Week

  • Name: Lauren Watson
  • Hometown: Greensboro, NC
  • Major(s): Political Science and American History
  • Conservative Role Model: Dr. Ben Carson
  • Why do you consider yourself a conservative: I consider myself a conservative, because I believe in small government and private industry.
  • How do you feel being a conservative at UNC: I feel very misrepresented as a conservative on UNC’s campus. So many individuals on this campus who do not identify as conservative have expectations of conservatives that, I believe, prevent them from engaging us in intellectual conversation and debate. If individuals of all political beliefs would just set aside our expectations of each other and have open conversation I think the popular misunderstandings would abate.
  • Favorite Professor and why: Dr. Christopher Browning. He retired from the University last spring, but his History of the Holocaust class was truly inspiring because Dr. Browning constantly took the time to discuss the psychological and social theories related to one of the darkest events in history rather than narrowly focusing on the horrors of the time. Teaching in such a way allowed his students to learn how to recognize and stand up against similar forces should we ever encounter them, and because of this I truly think he made all of his students better, stronger people.
  • If you could change ONE thing about how people at UNC think about conservatives, what would it be? I would change the popular belief that we are only conservative because of our parents or because of our religious beliefs. So many conservatives choose to identify as such because we have actually done our research and personally believe that conservative government is the best choice for the United States—not because external factors are determining our beliefs.

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