The Hypocrisy of People on this Campus

Honestly, what is it about some people that make them so bent on destroying another person’s moral fabric simply because of the person they voted for. In an absolutely appalling article titled “The Hypocrisy of Summers and Walker” Ishmael Bishop completely demonizes Kathryn Walker and Houston Summers because they voted for Thom Tillis in the last election.

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How, can YOU call yourself a Tar Heel for blatantly questioning the ideals of someone you do not know? Do you know who they are? Do you know what they’ve been through? Do you know anything about them other than the vote they cast? I don’t know about you or anyone else at this school, but I think that is a HUGE rush to judgment and an unfair and hypocritical one at that. Do you know WHY they chose to vote for Tillis? MAYBE it had nothing to do with his social views, but of course that wasn’t taken into consideration in the least bit.

As the Editor of the Carolina Review Daily, I will once again speak to the fact that I am MINORITY, FEMALE in a position of authority for a conservative/libertarian magazine. A minority, CONSERVATIVE female who voted for Tillis, BUT believes in women’s rights and FIGHTS for those rights everyday, by breaking through stereotypes like you, my friend, have. A minority, CONSERVATIVE female who is pro-choice, and surprisingly doesn’t have religious beliefs. You could make me out to be a monstrosity; you can poke fun at me or the many other people who identify as I do. OR, you could do the intelligent thing, the thing that ALL of us came to Carolina to do and that is to get to know one another; to step back from the stereotypes and the name-calling; to LEARN and understand and have an INTELLECTUAL debate with people who have different views from us.

Maybe, just maybe, before you cast your judgmental, ill-informed, horrific, appalling, opinions on the rest of the student population YOU should learn what it is to be a TAR HEEL and that is to ACCEPT everyone, regardless of their color, gender identity, ethnicity, AND their beliefs!

I’m not saying this because the paper I write for is endorsing Kathryn Walker, before someone starts to say that because: you have no idea who I’m actually going to vote for. I’m writing this because this is a pure injustice to have someone talking about another person in this way. We are ALL Tar Heels people! ACT LIKE ONE before you tarnish the name of this wonderful University for good!

Lea Palmer

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