To Catch a Liberally Biased Professor

By Frank Pray, Editor


American Academia seems a hollowed out shell of what it once was.  At one time, professors taught young Americans how to think for themselves, how to be entrepreneurs, and how to build this country into the greatest nation on Earth.  Now, many professors teach them that “old, angry, white men with reactionary views on race is a key part of the GOP Base.”  This lovely understanding of the electorate comes from Jonathan Zasloff, a Professor at the UCLA School of Law on a Facebook post comparing the recent scandal with Republican Congressman Steve Scalise to the scandal former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott found himself embroiled in after comments he made at a birthday parter for former Senator Strom Thurmond. 

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In the thread, Professor Zasloff engaged in what can only be described as an argument (as it lacked any factual evidence necessary for a debate) with the Editor of the Carolina Review, Frank Pray.   Through the use of two examples of questionable veracity, Professor Zasloff attempted to portray the majority of the GOP base as racist, grumpy, intolerant, and homogeneously white.

While it is true that white men do make up a significant proportion of the Republican base, they do not make it up in it’s entirety. Additionally, there is no way you can quantify what the white men who comprise this group believe, other than what is in the official platform of the Republican Party. It is simply ridiculous conjecture to state that they are reactionary about race and hint that they are racists or hold racist tendencies. However, this ridiculous line of thinking is one that is all too common in the minds of many liberal professors.  They claim to be some of the most tolerant and open-minded people, slamming the placing of labels on any group, yet when it comes to those they disagree with, they are the first to place labels, showing incredible intolerance. One can only hope that this type of hatred and ignorance is not what Professor Zasloff shows to conservative students in his classroom.

Unfortunately, the Facebook post and following thread have since been removed, but the Carolina Review was able to get screenshots before it was taken down. Below is the Facebook thread in it’s entirety. If you are easily angered by incredible generalizations and liberal intolerance, you may want to skip reading this one.

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3 thoughts on “To Catch a Liberally Biased Professor

  1. vtrujillo Reply

    This is hardly a surprise! Only liberals think this way. I do believe that they are just wired differently. Their hatred for all Republicans is just sad. Their problem is that thy are book smart and arrogant, but have no common sense.

  2. john Reply

    prog intolerance……….what a surprise ironically from the party of slavery, secession, war, anti reconstruction , jim crow, KKK, asnd filibustering of the civil rights bills.
    And speaking of “majority leaders’ these racist democrats crowned their 175 years of racism with the honoring and elevation of Robert Byrd , the KKK kleagle that they made the highest officer in their party.

    If it wasn’t for hypocrisy, the democrat party would have no principles at all ,

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