Conservatives Have the Ideas to Power the Future of Clean Energy

Renewable energy is a fast-growing industry that holds a great deal of promise for the future success of our state. The myth that clean energy is solely an issue for Democrats is just that… a myth. Conservatives see the benefit clean energy innovation brings to the state of North Carolina, both environmentally and economically. Both parties are willing to embrace renewable energy initiatives, as they understand the positive impact such developments will leave all across our great state. This, in turn, has made the issue a bi-partisan one.

In fact, over the course of the last several years, conservative support for clean energy development has multiplied. Registered Republicans are actually more than twice as likely as registered Democrats to make large investments to clean energy innovations. There are now many economic reasons for business-minded conservatives to financially support these exciting advancements. Furthermore, studies have shown North Carolina’s energy mix will actually save consumers $173 million by 2026.

Why turn back now? The clean energy industry continues to grow and is proven to save money for citizens across our state. At this very moment, the clean energy industry is supporting 18,000 jobs within North Carolina. With investments and demand only continuing to increase, this sector will inevitably continue to flourish. We must continue our commitment to clean energy, but we must not do so in a top-down, centrally planned fashion. We must spur the growth of renewable energy through the use of private investment and free market principles in order to have the maximum economic and environmental benefits for our state.

Lux Libertas,

Francis C. Pray, III


The Carolina Review

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