NCDP Battle Lines Drawn: Voller Loses

As reported earlier last month, the battle lines for Executive Director for the North Carolina Democratic Party were drawn. The fight made statewide news as Chairman Voller called the State Executive Committee “latent racists’ and had a very harsh words for some of his democratic colleagues. The battle took some interesting turns.

According to Cash Michaels, on his blog post, the party was completely torn, and some may have been worried about Chavis’s Muslim surname. He blames Hunt “moderates “ for this spilt, saying, “But once word got out, it didn’t take long for Chavis to realize that those in the party who opposed the progressive politics of Voller were moving swiftly to block the nomination at all costs.” He also calls out the North Carolina Democratic Women saying they were “not supportive.” He goes to quote one of her members in his post :

“If you have not seen any of the articles, I suggest you Google Ben Chavis,” one DWNC   member, who admittedly got her information from biased local media reports, wrote Tuesday evening prior to the NCDP Executive Council voting on Chavis’ nomination.

“I will be honest with you,” she continued,  “ I am not inclined to support Ben Chavis for ED for two reasons:  (a) lack of ED experience and (b) his history of sexual (sic) harrassment.  That said, if a majority of you feel otherwise, that is the way I will vote.”

 Along with Michaels, Chavis had EJ Smith’s support too. EJ Smith said on a blog post in Blue NC:

“All the chatter about Ben Chavis is coming, not from the GOP, but from a certain portion of the NCDP that is frozen with fear, fear of letting the diverse members of the Democratic Party have a voice, fear of letting go of the money to be made from managing campaigns. These are the people who lost the elections beginning in 2010, and it is time they stopped chosing the leaders of the NCDP, forever.”

However, many in the party didn’t see the issue the same way. Martha Brock, again on Blue NC, posted:

“Party Chairman Randy Voller is still in denial about the baggage Dr. Ben Chavis would bring as an employee of the NC Democratic Party. A simple Google search pulls up dozens of articles that document Chavis’ simply awful track record.

This is one of the best from the time of his controversial tenure as leader of a Nation of Islam mosque in Harlem in NY City. I hope all the members of the State Party’s Executive Council will read it.”

One of the worst hits though came from Bob Geary of Indy Week. In the opening paragraph, Geary writes:

 “Enough. After a stormy year as state Democratic Party chair, Randy Voller should step down for the sake of his party’s candidates and North Carolina. I say this knowing that he won’t, because Voller sees himself as a visionary leader—but he can’t see that he’s hurting Democratic prospects for 2014.”

 With all the splits and cliques in the NCDP heading into the vote, the NCDP SEC chose Casey Mann to become the new ED for the party. WRAL-TV reported that at the meeting Voller said the party is broke and they may have to get rid pf the Goodwin House. With all the infighting in the NCDP, can Voller survive the year? And with the lack of funds, it looks like the Hagan campaign is going to have to rely on those horrible outside groups that she decries.

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